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  1. Yeah haha thanks, but like, there is one or two achievements which are single player. I'm sure one is about a tomahawk in single player, can these be achieved in UN, do you know?
  2. Yes, absolutely, or atleast give better rewards, I very rarely pay to download avatar items, nevermind the chance of getting something I'm most likely not going to use. I'd rather spend my MS points on some DLC or something.
  3. Okay, I have purchased the undead nightmare disc, I also have the original Red Dead Redemption disc. As far as I am aware this disk comes will all of the paid DLC add-ons for Red Dead, however is it possible to use the DLC on the undead nightmare disk with the regular red dead, if not how is the DLC incorporated into the undead nightmare game?
  4. Boo Boo hehehehehe, unlucky.
  5. Thanks for getting me the bing.com shirt
  6. Very sexy hehe, nice improvement.
  7. Prank Lord was the idea based on my RS Username which came from... believe it or not... Me being a prankster and then I had to add a 0 as Prank Lord was taken at the time.
  8. For some reason I can't sign into LIVE in this game, any idea whats wrong?
  9. Is the arcade game aegis wing available in the UK or Ireland? Any help will be thanked
  10. Yeah I think they should update after a while
  11. Trading Thresa or Garth for either Hammer, or Lucien, or Reaver anybody? (will also buy for 5mil) my gamertag is Prank Lord0 add me
  12. Need all Heros dolls execpt Thereasa, buying them for 5 Mil and you will be helping to people me and my brother please reply, GT: Prank Lord0 Somebody, i will just give back if somebody wants to give me them temp?
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