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  1. Unfixed as of 11/17/17. Getting the coins also cranks up your points much faster than just repeating the first two areas like the guide says for getting money for the 1 million chievs
  2. Far as I can tell the games been thoroughly manipulated and exploited for a while now. Just fired the game up for the first time since June still no title update...
  3. Gamertag jarvis inc. Real easy to double box this one if you have an Xbox One let me know if anyone out there ain't got this yet. Only need three other if we all got xb1s. Whoever locked up nikolas's thread for posting a boosting session here please don't do that to mine as the boosting thread is closed
  4. For the O people that will read this a wired Turbo controller works quite well. Set LB&A to Turbo and put a rubber band on them and then also put a rubber band on the start button that will keep starting a new game lb will keep credits maxed and a will keep shooting to keep the timer going. Can't get any medal achievements because can't buy any games. But I was able to get 25 achievements with just the one game, scramble, I bought years ago. And you may wanna go offline. This is a high percentage chance the game room will freeze when you push start when connected online.
  5. About a month ago, all the DLC for this and many other old Halo games was free and I guess I'm looking for others that scored that deal and are now looking for those achievements. Gt Jarvis inc
  6. Been awhile now but one day it worked and that was that...
  7. playing online and ask random guy if he could do me the favor so I can try for run like the wind cheev. he says were not allowed to set bounties anymore. its like wtf! furthermore cant jack cars to get the computer to set one either. f'ed again? anyone know whats the big deal with this? thanks and sorry if this is already covered somewhere.
  8. i got plenty of Theresa dolls if anyone got one to trade... gamertag jarvis inc
  9. Having searched for an answer first it seems everyone having trouble with this has something to do with being banned or censored and whatever else. Didn't see anything about my issue. When I click on anything to upload it looks like it's working but when it's done instead of saying it's done and the Five Point achievement popping it says transfer failed and right under that it says "a file could not be transferred". Yes I know I'm very late to the party but if there's anyone still around that knows anything about this thank you very much ahead of time. p.s. also searched the web and found some evidence that file sharing isn't working which somewhat implies this achievement may not be unobtainable
  10. many times when missing but getting the melee off in time its enough to keep me from dying. if you jump right off you will die but melee button can save you. guess that's something to do with why many assassinations and no cheev. I think that makes some sense
  11. Free game thats doa online. Thanks ms
  12. got two rigs goin til the 26th so only need two people too bang out the ovation. gt jarvis inc
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