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  1. Yeah it was a very odd difficulty spike. The way I deal with them is to jump around like a madman and chip away at them with magic, i'm not sure if there's any faster ways :/
  2. I think it's around the 550k mark. It's worth noting that Co-op will be included in this xp goal when it's released in Oct.
  3. I'm at 25 with under 10 hours, Honestly with the co-op mode coming soon too if you just play regularly it should be no problem!
  4. I used to play as Eldar vs my friends Orks pretty often, Not played in year now though! Loving all of relics 40k games though
  5. In a thread about true son of the Emperor one guy stated he used a certain spot and reset the checkpoint so I beleive you can if you wish.
  6. Just got it and can add to the belief that you just shouldn't use chapter select.
  7. Yeah things were contantly being captured for both teams and the counter never increased. Also this happened in a deathmatch and I left after getting 40 kills as well as all my team having a similar amount.
  8. Okay so this has happened to me in both game modes now, totally unsure what triggers it but it's not really game breaking.
  9. ah i'm glad it's not totally bugged. This game is epic fun and it would be a shame. doubt i'll go for skulls anyway
  10. Hey I think I was in that same game last night and it stayed the same score the whole time I was there too (At least an hour) I think that one game was bugged but i'm not sure. I played that gametype before and it didn't take all that long, probably like 20 mins.
  11. Tip for the streaking achievement is just refuse to play anyone but lvl 1's. I got a streak of 3 then played two level 1's to get my 5 .
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