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  1. This is the worst AC game I have ever played. It pisses me off so much I don't even know where to begin.
  2. This...definitely I believe DS3 should be the last. If they make any more changes, it's sure as hell not going to be going back to the original play style of DS, which defeats the point of continuing the series at all. But like really, To have thousands of rounds of ammo, a shit ton of healthpacks, etc? What happened to you using the dismemeberd limbs as ammo like in DS1 and 2? You HAD to use the limbs, because there simply wasn't any ammo. Hell, half the time, you had to curb stomp them to death!
  3. Sooo, yep, that's a wrap. Pretty ironic, I legitmatly beat the game without dying. Not all that hard, honestly. Well, it shouldn't be for me, being my 4th play through and all. LOL Like others said, the hardest parts are the one-hit kill spots. And not getting complacent sitting through the cutscenes, and you forget to hit "A" when needed. For advice for the future guys attempting it, just save and quit if it looks like you're getting yourself in a shit storm.
  4. If it's any consolation, I'm currently on chapter 16 and have yet to die. Have no fear, I've been backing up every so often. Just to make you proud. Lots of chances to die yet from the stupid parts of the game, but so far, it's been pretty dang easy. I'm certain the psychological factor of knowing I have a backed up save is helping a TON. Even with the instant kill spots (cliffs and what not) I still don't see what is terribly hard about hard core. For most like myself, this is my 4th play through. I know every part about the game. I know what to expect. And since it never actually saves your progress exactly where you are (Always back a little bit), if I found myself getting in a bad situation, mis timed a cliff scene, I just saved and quit before I died. Getting run over with enemies? Save and quit before I used up all my healthpacks. Resume from check point, and continue on with life. So let me ask you, o holier than thou gamer, do you consider what I'm doing cheating? Saving and quitting before I actually die, when I know I'm in a bind? Oh, by the way, I still got 1000/1000 and 1250/1250 in DS1 and DS2, so I'm fairly content with myself that I've already proven myself a capable Dead Space player.
  5. I'm the pot calling the kettle black, as I hate people who claim glitched achievements when they really aren't. But the fvucking drill sergeant acheivement is glitched...for me. I've done that stupid thing 15 times with no luck. -I use the devil horns -I do NOT totally destroy the drill. I complete all 3 waves -I've tried using a healthback to verify I didn't lose health, I've tried not even trying to use a health pack, etc etc. -I NEVER get hit. Ever. -I've waited in the elevator for a few minutes, played the story for the next 5 minutes, etc etc. Total bullshit. AND I HATE MP ACHIEVEMENTS. Aside from the drill sergeant and finishing my hardcore play through, the rest of my achievements are depend upon someone else. I can't stand that.
  6. As of this post, 5/17/2013, I believe the latest update (whenever it was...March?) synch's all the saves across the storage devices. Example: I started save on HDD, played till whenever. Save and quit, dash board, copy and paste onto USB. And the cloud, just for the hell of it (Redundancy!) Load up again, played till chapter 6 or so. I go to copy it to the USB (After loading up the original save) It asks do I want to replace blah blah... EXCEPT For me, it had synch'd the save on the USB AUTOMATICALLY. This is serious folks! If you were like me, and left the USB thumb drive plugged into your xbox, and died...you're fvucked! Insert your USB thumb drive ONLY when copying the save (Either copying your progression, or loading your old save from dying) Thankfully, I didn't die, so it didn't affect me. Am I the only one who noticed this?!
  7. Just played this mission for the first time. What an ass pain! Found this thread searching on google, not here. Saved me a TON of headaches!
  8. There are collectibles in the co op only missions. Same reason you don't have the achievement is the same reason I don't. If you want to finish the missions, find the parts and the rest of the collectibles, I might know someone who wants to do the same.
  9. EDIT: 1250/1250 Tried meeting up with some of you, but difficult when our time zones are half a world apart. I actually got it by jumping in/creating co op games with randoms. Worth a shot if you guys can't find a dedicated person. I still would have been looking for a boosting partner had I just not played around with some random guys on co-op missions.
  10. On my first play through, I was fully expecting to get snatched off the ladder and tossed around like a rag doll like in the first Dead Space. At least once!
  11. I tried that, can't get it to work. Here's my chronological time frame: Bought DS Limited edition, didn't play it until Mar 2nd. Installed update so I'd be online Played normal difficulty Downloaded DLC somewhere along the main campaign, before completion. Finished main game, finished DLC (Normal) Started a New game+, classic mode Complete classic mode Come here to see what I need to do to get DH, cuss...a LOT. Try method anyways. Fail If I'm reading this correctly, my Classic save is "fubar" because it was started from a game save that originated from a save that the DLC was played on. *Note - I did not write over my original save for my classic play through. I currently have 3 different saves: Normal, Classic, and my latest, my currently failed (No DH) Pure Survival play through.
  12. You can do either kill him or beat him up. He was running pretty quick, so I just blasted him in the back with the shot gun. She called saying something like how I was like the rest of 'em, but the mission had never re-appeared or said it was failed. It just auto saved and continued on.
  13. All of your answers have been covered a hundred times in this forum. All you have to do is read...
  14. Good luck. I get ejected from the car and die every time.
  15. Looking to boost any/all achievements. Feel free to hit me up!
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