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  1. u try it with 2 gold based accounts? or a guest of your own profile
  2. Looking for this also - GT: TTerBNZ Can return favor
  3. I fully agree here.. this game challenge mode would be totally different if you had 1 f'n life..
  4. i still think its game breaking.. every time ive boosted with different people i get about an hour or so into it and then get stuck on "waiting on update from game server" error.. reboot xbox and nothing fixes it.. VERY [email protected]#!#!
  5. I had afew of the story achievements not pop when they should. Replayed on harder difficulty and they popped
  6. Looking for NZ\Aussies to start runs in all the halos.. start with all collectables and move to speed runs.. Keen to do in the PM.. Hollah GT: TTerBNZ
  7. Wow thx! got about 60% thru and relized i glitched it this way. Then finally 100% and screen goes blank!! ^#@%&$*(%*
  8. keen to boost online cheevos.. Hit me up
  9. Sure am! Hit us up if anyone wants to boost
  10. Yea im keen on finshn this game off.. just need to boost online.. hit me up
  11. u guize suq! Tryn to get this and im to cheap for online pass!! urg why didnt i do this earlier
  12. VERY handy!! Was missing Money drop #3 and Drug drop #12..
  13. Im havn a prob on this too.. Just about to leave town for Disc2 but still have this one left.. Might just try get it when i come back
  14. DATGUY

    Final Battle

    Old post i know but your a LEGEND.. tried 10 times all failed... read your post once and passed!!!!
  15. Fuqn pylon!!! Spent about 30 minutes going thru every exterior and interior until i found this!!! finally 100% it now! Kinda fun game apart from the co-op fail
  16. At first i was stuck on 92% even after looking all around the lab.. My first 2% extra was looking at evidence #1 straight infront of you in the L'avventura Lobby.. Zoom into there then go up and zoom into behind that area.. Then I was stuck on 94% too.. Still in the Lobby i clickd on The CSI taking photos behind the cactus bed that took me to 97%.. Then went to the L'avventura Hotel and Casino Balcony and clickd on him again to take my to 100%!! Hope that helps
  17. fable3 gold? you still free to giv some to us?

  18. this game sux and is sooo fuqn hard! currently on chapter 5.. just got to the surface.. i have 0 ammo for anything.. the dog things i cant even hit cuz they just jump on me and kill me so i run away.. can get inside some place but then these 5 doll things come in and get me every time.. i can kill 2 of them but still 3 left.. OMG THIS GAME SUXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX worst game ive ever played.. and havng over 100k i've played afew games
  19. startd this game not long ago... lookn for some online boosting time GT - TTerBNZ
  20. did u ever get your too human elite amour?

  21. yea found this hard too at first.. use the LT+RT when you see groups really helped alot too!
  22. keen on boosting.. GMT +12 .. if ur around my time msg me for mplayer boosting GT : TTerBNZ
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