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  1. There are 2 unobtainables : Exterminator - Kill 30 zombies in 1 course, but it has more to do with the in-game killing counter completely fucked up, and Powerball - Collect every type of power ups. Collected them all, nothing popped... I installed it on May 26th. A friend of mine told me the queen bee bug in Frank Rising was fixed, so I went to the marketplace to reinstall it, and the mini golf DLC was available to download. I think it's Microsoft that screwed up making it available, when it was, obviously, not ready (here's another example of the perfectly made in-game physics). You can check my Xbox profile, I only got 4 achievements left for this game, and trueachievements.com, a lot of other players have the DLC either.
  2. LMFAO, my guess is they removed it because they realised how full of shit it is. Believe me dude, it's no big loss they took it off the marketplace. Unobtainable achievements, shitty random ball physic, and nearly impossible to hit that power bar sweet spot to get the right trajectory. That shit drove me insane. Knowing Capcom Vancouver, I know it won't be fixed before a long time... Well done guys . EDIT : Did a little capture so you guys see the randomness of this crap. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/General%20Asesino/video/31726190
  3. It's available, but it's damn full of bugs (how surprising...), and it's literally unplayable. Shittiest DLC I've ever played.
  4. If you guys are playing coop and are ready to play this chapter twice, select chapter from the main menu so your coop partner can select difficulty at the beginning of the chapter, let him select normal or even casual, you'll still be in insane, that'll make things a lot easier.
  5. Need a team for series A Bikes, trying to get the Slamvan into my garage. All you have to do is wait before getting the Burritos to the drop point. Online right now, no mic, GT : General Asesino.
  6. OK, need help for something, all you have to do is go to the Ammu Nation north of the strip club, start the mission meth'd up, and once it has started, send me an invite to your game. there may be a Lost Slamvan as reward. Hit me up GT : General Asesino
  7. I'm online right now hosting Heists (I'm on Prison break now), send me a message if you want in. I'm a no mic but I know what cooperation is (fed up with people going each their way and doing sh*t)... GT : General Asesino
  8. Had the same issue with Fleeca bank, thakfully it didn't count as completed after I quit. So I retried today as the driller -I was the driver when the bug occured- and the magnet was there ! Hope that might help those who can still play this heist.
  9. OK, it's been a while since I havent' played GTA online, and I didn't want to start a new topic about this. So I used to have a Hearse that I lost, can't even remember how, but anyway, if someone with a Hearse could bring me to its spawn location (Hill Valley Church) with his-her Hearse, that would be awesome. Hit me up, I'd be glad to give help in return, my GT : General Asesino. Thanx.
  10. In an invite only session ??? You just have to get in a public lobby once to trigger the truck spawn glitch (you can even do it in a private session, if you want but the wait seems to be longer)... [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UqGeq1ACeY]GTA V | Armored truck RP & Cash Glitch | Unlimited Money Glitch | Patch 1.12 - YouTube[/ame] Text tuts always seem like a lot of work, but believe me, this one isn't...
  11. Created a deathmatch for those interested in boosting weapon awards (This one's for Machine Gun, still working on other weapons, but the host can set weapon selection differently, I think). You can get +100 kills in 10 mins. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jobs/job/FH9bLjx72UaeBYQ20LHQ4Q?platformId=null
  12. They spawn more often in public sessions. Here's a little trick : Get in a public session. Once one spawns, attack it, then quickly loose your wanted level (LSC or Lester). The trick won't work if you take too much time trying to lose the cops. Then leave GTA Online. Once back in story mode, go back to an invite only session. An armored truck should spawn within 30 secs, then repeat the process (back to story mode, and back to invite only session). There's a little problem with this trick though, sometimes the truck you attack won't count for the platinum award (about 1 time out of 3), but at least you'll steal earn quite a lot of money .
  13. Yep, just got 1.12 update either, but apparently no changes yet... Guess the stuff's coming very soon...
  14. Well, you still got progress to do in French !
  15. Well, I might be wrong...I know for sure the Classic Towtruck and equipped JB700 have been removed, but not the Docker... EDIT : just checked the internet after I posted to be sure, some guys on this website say they still have it....but it's possible some guys lost it, as GTA V is quite known for its randomness ... Weirdly, it seems to still be possible to store the Police Transporter in your garage...
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