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  1. TERA is stackable, the Hong Kong version launched with a seperate list.
  2. It is definitely not official. From what I have read, someone found that the Xbox One hard drive had the correct sector to make a 500GB hard drive that worked in the 360, so although it is not official, the full 500GB will be available and will require no modification on the 360. Nothing larger will work though. Regarding warranty, a third party hard drive will not void the warranty as it is not a modification of the hardware and can be easily removed. If however it can be detected by Microsoft then there is always the possibility that they do not approve and can possibly ban the console from Live. I have not heard of it happening but I guess it is possible.
  3. I can also confirm this as I bought the disc version a couple years ago and then found out afterwards that only the version bought from GFWL marketplace was Live enabled.
  4. Did they make the 1020 in 16GB? I know the 32GB is standard, 64GB available on certain networks (O2 exclusive in the UK), I wasn't aware of a 16GB model available. Not that Wikipedia can be relied upon but they only show 32/64GB as options.
  5. Burial at sea episode 2 is not free, it comes in two parts, you buy part 1 and need part 2 as well to play since it is such a huge expansion. Episode 1 is completely separate. Yes the season pass is cheaper at the moment if you want all the content today.
  6. Sounds to me more like it is just an announcement of upcoming games utilising DX12. Although in terms of GFWL, I wouldn't be surprised if they announce migration to the Windows 8 Marketplace and platform, ie. patch with Live tile and keep achievements for any games who wish to do so. Since Fable III has not yet been patched over to Steamworks like so many others I am guessing there might be some other news to come from Microsoft at some point soon.
  7. You are wrong on that, from bottom left it would be mine, mine, no mine, mine, no mine, mine. Your best way to approach that image though is to do just the bottom left three, then start from the top left and work around, since if you work upwards from the bottom all the way your option seems to work at first glance.
  8. As far as we are aware physical copies of all GFWL games still work. Fallout 3 still lists GFWL as a requirement on Steam so should still work if bought through there. If you just intend to do the achievements quick, you do not need to buy the expansions as they can be unlocked without them, so if you can get a disc of the standard release cheap, do that.
  9. New Vegas was never a GFWL game, it has always been Steamworks.
  10. Sweet, but agree with yamayamayaamaa, will not buy at that price, will wait for a sale. I stupidly didn't buy Final Fantasy in the last sale either as I was debating it for too long.
  11. Are you sure this is points converted that you had originally bought? It could be points that were due to expire anyway such as those earned through Xbox Rewards. I have not received this message on my account yet.
  12. Cool On a serious note, I picked one up during the recent lockin for Xbox One. Well worth a tenner, I was waiting for sub £20 for the Kinect with no adapter or game (got slim console) and then this offer arrived for half that with the mains adapter and a game.
  13. My preorder is with Amazon, so didn't really have any issue.
  14. I am not going to complain about the free games, after all they are free. But (this is just me), I would prefer that they give a mix of quite highly rated (but possibly slightly older ones not selling as well anymore) arcade games since there are a lot of people who generally don't touch arcade titles and would see how good they are, and more obscure full games. I would have picked full retail games which a lot of people would have maybe skipped over, like Blur or Brink or even (and I know this one would get complaints) Rockstar Table Tennis, just because they are games which a lot more people would have never experienced. But then, I would have bundled a Halo 3 or Halo Reach download code in every new 360 box when they released the revised slim console this year as well, then if anyone is joining the 360 generation late, they get this game in the box. Again, I don't really mind what they give us, it is a bonus, this is just the way I would have gone with it.
  15. I signed up in store on Friday, definitely want to see Dead Rising 3 and Ryse. Looking at Forza mainly because it is the free game I have with my preorder (assuming I don't have to cancel the preorder due to not having the funds) as I prefer Forza to FIFA. I kind of agree with your comment about serious racing games. I have grown to like them more recently, but still prefer arcade style ones or games where there is a focus on stunts, like PGR and Burnout, though I don't mind the Forza series.
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