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  1. I added my name to the list and sent you a friend request and message on XBL.
  2. Everything you've earned you keep. Think of it as a new game + in a way. All your collectables and grinds carry through your entire single player career, no matter how many new games you start. You can also progress towards grinds in Arcade mode, but I'm not sure if you can collect golden weapon parts there. I'm not sure about cheats, honestly I've never used them because they disable achievements.
  3. I need Express Checkout and Air Ace. Send me a message at x VV 4 N T 3 D I've heard that the DLC achievements can be done in private matches, is this true? If so that's great news.
  4. I would recommend field bandages, sutures, and vampire teeth as your items. All help you keep you living longer so that you can get more kills per death. I upgrade my body armor as it unlocks, which has now gotten me into the heavy stance. The suture item helps with your slower health regen, but whether you want to be medium or heavy weight is up to you. It’s a question of whether you want body armor, and I generally do. Forget helmets, but if you’re only in the low area of heavy weight, you may as well max it out with some other items. Now it’s time for the fun part, bitching about some of the very frustrating issues with the multiplayer in this game. It’s mostly just stuff to be aware of while you play. -Already mentioned melee combat. Close range combat in general is kind of random. I find that moving around in tight spaces is incredibly frustrating. Aiming down your sights and getting too close to a wall or ledge will cause your weapon to point straight up and shoot at the ceiling. This can happen while locked in soft-lock, which is especially frustrating. Generally this happens to me in the Hoboken Alleys map when I’m in the side buildings trying to fire on enemies on the ground below. Taking cover fixes this, but cover is iffy as well, with the player sometimes being able to shimmy along the cover wall, and sometimes not. Generally I avoid the Hoboken map because I really don’t feel in control when in tight spaces in the game. Due to the Euphoria driven character models, sudden changes in movement can cause the character to shift their weight and perform unexpected movements, like running into walls and corners. This is also a reason to avoid closed spaces. -Sometimes I’ll be shooting an enemy and see the little X come up like I killed them but I don’t get credit for a kill. They keep running with apparently zero health. I hate this. Also the assist mechanic seems to be flawed, it’s very frustrating to be shooting an enemy, not get a kill, and also not get any assist points. -Lag can be pretty frequent, but I haven’t had too much trouble. One thing I’ve noticed is that while playing the DLC maps (and only the DLC ones), the gameplay on my end freezes for half a second every so often. The rest of the game continues, so if this happens during a confrontation, I’m dead. -One hit kills in the hand by sniper rifles. One of the later sniper rifles (I haven't unlocked it yet) appears to be a one hit kill no matter where it hits you. That's pretty dumb, although I'm not sure if scoped snipers can take advantage of the soft-lock mechanic.
  5. So you’re here because you want to learn how to destroy fools in Max Payne 3 Multiplayer, or just to have an enjoying read about all that is wrong with the game. You’ve come to the right place. I’ve read so much on this site about people having lots of trouble with doing well in multiplayer, and I wanted to help out. I’m not max level in this game, but I haven’t been playing for a huge amount of time yet and… wait for it… I’ve enjoyed it a lot so far! So read on to find out how you can do the same. Obviously the best way to keep yourself interested in a game is to get good at it. Let’s start with which aiming mechanism to choose. I’ve beaten the game on Hardcore without the oldschool glitch (haven’t gotten around to NYM:HC yet, but not too worried), so I’m no slouch with free aiming. I started off playing multiplayer in free aim as well. You do get more XP per kill in free-aim (also in Hardcore mode), but there are a few disadvantages to free aim as far as I’m concerned. Firstly, and less importantly, players who play in free aim mode are generally going to be more skilled than those who play in soft-lock. This means that you’ll probably end up dying more often, especially if you’re new. It is significantly more difficult to engage moving players at long range in free-aim than it is on soft-lock, which puts the greatest weapon in the game at a disadvantage (more on best weapons + attachments later). The number of shots needed to kill a player doesn’t change between free aim and soft-lock, so you’ll be missing more and reloading more often, leaving you more vulnerable to death more frequently. Anyway, after a few hundred kills in free-aim, I decided to try soft-lock. Soft-lock is where your average player lies. If you’ve been playing on free-aim I’d encourage you to try soft-lock and see if your killcount increases. I’d be amazed if it didn’t. Yes, you get less XP per kill, but you get more kills, faster grind progression, probably less deaths, and potentially higher scoreboard rankings, which definitely offsets the kill XP disadvantage. There are some advantages and disadvantages to soft-lock mode to be aware of: Advantages: -Much easier to kill enemies = more XP more quickly (this is all that really matters) -Long range targets are incredibly easy to pick off, especially if using a mid to long range weapon (which you should be). -Larger player base, more likely to get into full matches, = more potential XP -Less skilled players = more kills = more XP! -You can lock on to players even if you can’t see them. Soft lock will follow players as they run behind cover if you have locked on to them before they have hidden. Problems with the soft-lock mechanic: -The reticule automatically aims right at the lower chest/ groin area. This can be annoying if you lock on to someone that only has their head visible. Without altering your aim, you will just pump bullets into their cover. -Close combat with soft lock can be very frustrating, as the camera can spin all over the place. Also the distance that the reticule must be from an enemy in order to engage the target lock seems to decrease the closer the enemy gets to you. This means that you have to be more precise in close-quarters combat (makes sense anyway). -Choosing your target when multiple enemies are present. Many times I’ve almost killed a player only for soft-lock to lock on to a different nearby enemy with full health. Usually I end up dying and they all get away. Not much you can do about this. It gets worse as range increases and as enemies get closer together. -Melee. This deserves its own section. Melee is a shitshow anyway if you ask me. It basically comes down to just deciding if you want to mash Y and hope for the best or try to kill them with your gun in close range. Soft-lock doesn’t have much to do with this, melee is just a broken, but necessary, mechanic as far as I’m concerned. -Switching targets in the heat of battle can be frustrating. If you are locked on to an enemy and another enemy comes up behind you and surprises you, it can be tough to switch targets quickly. This is only really a problem in close range combat. In summary: Significantly more XP vs. a few soft lock related annoyances and some inevitable unfair deaths. And let’s be real, we’re all here to get to 50 as quickly as possible, so XP is power. Now to weapons. Mini-30 all the way. Trust me on this one, it is by far the best weapon available to you up until at least level 40 (I haven’t gotten past there yet, so I haven’t tried out the higher level weapons, but I don’t think they would be better). You can shoot across any map with it, even if the target is too far away for your soft lock to work or your reticule to turn red, you can still manually get kills. There doesn’t seem to be any range cap. There is however, range damage dropoff. This can be lessened with upgrades as you use the weapon more. Once you get it to level 10, spec it to have better range and higher damage. You will be able to kill players with full health in 3-4 shots max. Think about that. Soft lock allows you to automatically follow any enemy (out to a very generous distance I might add) and all you have to do is press RT 3 times and you have a kill. Be sure to keep your shots spaced out based on the range of your target. Upgrades will decrease the time it takes for your reticule to return to normal accuracy after each shot, making the gun even better as you use it. I would recommend always gradually moving the right stick upwards once you have locked on to an enemy, increasing the chance of a headshot. Headshots are ALWAYS instant kills with the mini-30, but they are somewhat hard to get. Usually you will end up killing the enemy before you get a good shot at their head. Deviating from the mini 30, I’ve also used shotguns and the starting assault rifles (AK and the other equivalent). I started using assault rifles and thought that they were pretty good before using the mini 30. Now I never use them because they are not accurate or damaging at a distance (compared to the 30 anyway), and I have been killed many times in close range by an enemy with a mini 30 when I had an assault rifle and was filling them with bullets. Shotguns are absolutely awesome, but only at close range. The only map that I would recommend using them in are the DLC precinct map, as it is very close quarters. That’s the only map that I don’t use a mini 30 on because you can easily get one hit kills on enemies with full body armor with the starting shotgun, and with soft lock it is just simple domination. The M4 (the DLC pack gun that you have to level up to 10 for the achievement) is actually quite good. I found it to be much better than the other available assault rifles, and I got it ranked up pretty quickly. No substitute for the mini 30 if you ask me, but at least it makes getting that achievement a little easier. As for handguns/sidearms, I have no recommendations for them. I never use them as the mini 30 is semi auto already and has great accuracy and more damage. I just picked the one with the least weight, and I never dual wield. I suppose if you wanted you could load up with dual MAC 10’s, but they run out of ammo quickly and take a while to switch to and reload. You’re better off using the mini 30 all the time, plus they take up a lot of weight. Speaking of weight, let’s go over the optimum items/burst abilities. Basically your items should help you get more health, while your bursts should help you get more kills. Don’t worry about the map-revealing bursts, someone on your team will be probably doing that and it isn’t worth using yourself. I would choose between using trigger happy and deadly force (the DLC burst). Deadly force is nice in that level 3 is actually more useful than level 2 (unlike trigger happy), but you only get extra damage for a very short amount of time, max a few seconds. It can help you out of a sticky situation but probably won’t be getting you as many kills as, say, a permanent fully loaded LMG. I use trigger happy and almost always activate it at level 2 for the LMG. It’s super accurate, has high damage and range, and has a massive clip size. The grenade launcher is pretty useless, I stopped getting it after I got the level 3 burst grind.
  6. incase anyone was wondering: double xp does not count toward medals earned in single player arcade, so you still only get 1000 xp per platinum during this weekend's event.
  7. Say you've completed old school but not hardcore, I wonder if you can play through the whole game on easy (since loading the last checkpoint doest work) and then do this when the achievement would appear. The glitch doesn't seem to work downwards, so you can't get old school from hardcore, but if you can go up then why not from easy to hardcore? Unless there's some tie between old school and hardcore achievements, or the act of unlocking an achievement is somehow the key to unlocking others after having already quit to dashboard, but that seems unlikely.
  8. I need all of the 5 player horde ones (dlc), as well as pretty much all of the other multiplayer ones. also I have an extra controller Gt: x vv 4 n t 3 d
  9. If you have trouble seeing the aiming reticule, go to options and turn on custom reticule or each gun. Pistols will still have the same white dot, but all other reticules will be easy to see. Laser sights are the worst though.
  10. I know I'm going to have to play it through twice without importing a character, but I want to play it once thoroughly the first time and then just rush through on easy for my second play through. Without the bonuses from a new game + character, how difficult is insanity? I'm just wondering if it's possible, or if you get to some boss who's a much higher level than you could hope to be at that point in the game and you cant beat him.
  11. guys, just use a voice recorder on your phone or computer and say the letters to yourself as the guy plays them. then play back the recording and press the buttons, your song doesnt have to be in the same rhythm so you can take forever doing it!
  12. The problem is right after the press start menu comes up and you press start to sign in. When I click on my profile, it says "loading profile" or whatever on the main menu screen and that's where the error comes up. If I sign in with any other profile it works fine, but signing out while anywhere in the game boots you back to the main menu, so there doesn't seem to be any way for me to bypass this. Unfortunately there is no way to "force" a sign-in that I know of. You can play the campaign completely signed out of any profile and if you try to do multi it just comes up with a message saying you need to have a live membership and the only thing you can do there is press A to dismiss the message. I haven't installed the game, may as well try, but i doubt it will do anything as it works fine off the disc for every other profile.
  13. that's the latest thing I tried, no luck =/
  14. I was happily playing Gears one day, then I stopped playing for a while because of Battlefield 3. When I put the disc back in when the RAAM dlc came out, the game updated and then I got a disc unreadable error when I tried to play. -I returned the game to gamestop and got a new copy, same issue. -reset my cache and tried placing my saves and gamertag on 3 different save devices (HDD, usb, MU) -tried on a different xbox, same issue. So I decided it must not be a problem with the disc or xbox, which led me to believe it must be a problem with my profile. Sure enough the game worked perfectly fine with one of the other profiles on my hard drive. What could my profile possibly have done to mess up this game? Obviously the disc works perfectly fine as I can play with any other account. Anyone else had a similar problem? Any ideas And no neither of the xboxes that I tried it on are modded or have ever been tampered with or repaired by MS.
  15. looking for the two coop stealth achievements GT: x VV 4 N T 3 D
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