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  1. Add me for 10 free roam challenges ach. : SeanTM22
  2. Hey now, Im in the US and I want Dirt 4 just as much as any EU guy.
  3. Wish we got this much response on some of the legitimate thread posts around here...
  4. Fond memories of Dirt 1 since it was my first 1000/1000. Dirt games have definitely changed but I love them all equally. cant wait for this!
  5. If you do Nekker first and then Endrega, you get the Superb Silver Sword. I saw i had the Superb schematics and didnt even know where it came from, but I went right to the dwarf and had him craft it for me.
  6. Which path do you guys recommend for the Easy/Normal Playthrough? OP says's Iorveth since its easier, but would'nt you want the easier option playing through on Dark? Maybe its doesnt really matter, but i just wanted some other opinions. Also, regarding "The Kayran: A Matter of Price" its unclear whether you have to talk to the merchant before or after the fight with the Kayran. I personally talked to the merchant and did the Axii thing to convince him to double the reward money BEFORE the fight. Maybe you can do it after, but this is how I did it Also, im lvl 11.5 at the end of Ch. 1. Is this where I should be to be on track for getting lvl 35 by the end?
  7. Got it after about an hour of trying. Pretty lucky though. I can see people getting very frustrated with this achievement. Got it in the first town (Flotsam) against the dude in Red. I gave up on the video method, I just rolled lightly in the center of the board, when I got three of a kind I selected the other two and just lightly rolled those in the center two. Really is no skill involved at all
  8. With that said, do shops sell these or do I have to find them? I know there is an achievement for using one in a potion so I need to do that as well
  9. Just picked up this game, but i do not have an online pass. Hopefully im not locked out of getting some achievements because its used
  10. Haha, your right I realized this when the race started my rival when backwards lol
  11. I had an additional car for the level 50 reward: 2011 #2 Audi Sport Team Joset R15++ TDI
  12. Now that I think about it, im going to need some R3/2/1 cars, my only R3 car is the McLaren F1, and I dont think Chevy has any R class cars?
  13. I have just recently turned replays off, and turned Braking only line on. This helps races go a lot quicker instead of replaying to try and break at the exact right time. In career the bonuses are 100% so that helps
  14. I always try to get the car with the best stats, so I have to guess which car I think is better and go with it. Most recently I got the Bugatti Veyron, and I guess ill get the SS at 47
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