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  1. Actually, I don't think that's part of the game because the second time I tried this and couldn't use a weapon, I turned around and went back to the gate. Of course I couldn't go back, but when I turned around to progress forward, in that same area where I couldn't use weapons ... now I could. Not sure why it glitched, but going back seemed to allow me to use weapons again. Strange stuff.
  2. Really not sure if this has been answered yet. I've played the entire game, from beginning to end on contractor. However, on chapters two and three my online partner played on normal. When I finished the game I didn't get the achievement for contractor. Does anybody know if I can go back and just play those two chapters with both of us playing contractor and get the achievement that way. Kind of annoying since I played through the whole game on contractor and didn't get the achievement for it. Do I have to play through the entire game again or just those chapters?
  3. Same thing is happening to me. Pain in the ass area and finally made it through and then couldn't shoot. What did you wind up doing Psyccno?
  4. Looking for some help on Campaign on Contractor ... trying to finish up chapter 5. If anyone can help me, I'd really appreciate it. I'll help you with anything you need. Just send me a message or friend request. I've gone through this level like 8 times and can't seem to finish it. GT: That Hurts You
  5. Still looking for someone to go through the Campaign on "Contractor" Difficulty with. Will be playing this evening. Message me or Hit me up with a FR: That Hurts You
  6. Anyone who wants to start the campaign on contractor difficulty with me in co-op, send me a friend request. I'll be playing tonight around 10pm est. GT:That Hurts You
  7. Not sure if it's the same area I'm thinking of, but you would normally throw the sticky bomb at the red rock blocking the entrance. The bomb will open up the doorway and you can jump across and then climb. Hope this helps.
  8. Looking to boost on all the online achievements. I'll be online most of the day. GT= That Hurts You
  9. If I remember correctly, most of the later chapters are not based on vehicles ... there is one with you being on a train and motorcycles coming in behind you where you are shooting with an rpg, but it didn't present much of a problem ... just be aware that towards the end there's a big flying ship that you have take shots at. The later rounds just throw more Spiders and T-600's at you at once.... which makes it seem like "this is impossible". Take your time ... flank, flank flank .... blind shoot with the shotty .... eat dinner ... keep blind shooting under cover ... a grenade here, a pipe bomb there ... maybe eat some cheetos ... blind shoot ... let your AI do some work for you ... you get the idea. Patience and don't let the game get to you ... it ain't a great one either!
  10. There's no question that this game can be frustrating. As I said when I started this thread, patience is the key. It's so easy, especially for me, to want to whip my controller at the screen and say "F" it .. but, I found that the camera angles kind of lead you in the direction of the fighting. In the protecting the bus scene, it took me two times. I failed the first time right at the end and didn't know why ... on the second pass I realized that I missed some enemies on the far side and also realized that the cars and trucks on the side of the road are basically bombs that will blow up anything around it ... same as the scene with the motorcycles using the cars around them to take them out ... many times I got through a checkpoint with little life remaining ... other times I almost never got touched. But, if it gets you frustrated ... take a break ... get off the machine ... and then give it another go. I found the first several levels harder and then I got used to the gameplay and it became easier. A tough area for me was the room with the steps that you go around and first start getting pipe bombs. The terminators were coming up the stairs and around the room. Every time I went back to get more pipe bombs I died ... I was pretty pissed after 6 or 7 times. Finally, I developed a strategy that worked ... hit the guy with one pipe bomb and spam him over and over blind shooting with my shotgun ... that way I had enough pipe bombs for all three or four of them... took awhile, but worked. And by the way ... with those flying things ... you can blind shoot with your shotgun and hit them just about every time! ...Just give it time ... don't give up on it and you'll make it through.
  11. I had this achievement list up here last Friday night and somebody took it down.
  12. I wouldn't mind sending you this copy of Terminator if it was mine. I'm in the business and lots of times they let us take games home to check them out ... only problem is that we have to bring them back pretty quickly. Sometimes, though we get copies of games early and can keep them, so if something comes in that we can keep, I'll let you know and if you want it I'll send it to you to check out too. Rick

  13. yes, beat the game on hard and you get both medium and hard achievements.
  14. Didn't get it at retail ... In the biz
  15. One play through on Hard is all you need. Beat it on hard and you get both hard and medium achievements. Co-op is local and not live. It should take you 3 1/2 to 4 hours to beat it ... that's what it took me. Definitely a rental and not a game to buy. Great hype to the game, but I found it to be a fair game at best ... repetitive, same enemies, same scenes and very short. I was definitely expecting a lot more from the game.
  16. I wouldn't say the Hard mode is that difficult. If I were to provide any advice, I would say patience is the key to this game. I have a tendency to want things to happen quickly, but it doesn't work that well in this game. The AI, believe it or not, is pretty good and in some instances will take down some enemies. Key word in this whole game ... is flank. Always work around the sides ... look for stairs that you can get up and don't work side by side. Some of the enemies are armored (the spider looking things) and can only be damaged from the rear. Once you shoot at them they will turn and stay on you. Doesn't take more than a few shots for your health meter to just drop out. To make matters worse, there is no meter showing how healthy or damaged your enemy is, so you have to just stick with it. I dumped the machine gun very quickly in favor of the shotgun ... much more effective and my secondary weapon was either an RPG or Grenade launcher. There's quite a few weapons to grab off the ground and ammo wasn't a major problem. Honestly, I don't know how the easy or medium difficulty is because I never started that way. But the hard isn't bad ... it just takes getting used to ... sliding from one cover spot to the next and always looking for ways to flank ... go up stairs ... and generally moving around. And btw ... just so everybody knows ... beating it on Hard will give you the medium achievement as well.
  17. Can someone tell me why my thread was removed today. I put a thread up on Terminator Salvation entitled "Achievement List" ... nobody else had a list of the achievements up and I was the first to put it on there. I followed the instructions and put it up the way it should have been. I've tried helping a lot of people and all of a sudden it's gone and someone else is given credit for posting an achievement list. Why contribute when my threads are just removed for no reason. Rick

  18. Ok ... Just completed the game. Ran through it the first time on Hard Difficulty. Total time was about 3 1/2 to 4 hours max. Very repetitive and I would definitely put it in the rental category. Short game. Nothing exciting. Game play is fair, but it should be a quick 1000 for most people. Also, the 2 player Co-op is not online. When you either start the game or continue ... it then asks for you to pick the difficulty ... after it asks single or co-op ... if you chose co-op it asks for second player to press start to enter. No real need for a guide as all the achievements are based on movement through the game and completion with chapters.
  19. As I just posted on another thread, I have the game in hand ... although I can't play until after work ... but I can tell you that on the back of the box it says ... Players 1 and under it Co-op 2. I hope to have more information to post up here later tonight.
  20. Have the game in my hands, but won't have a chance to pop it in my system until after work ... hate that. I'll try to update the achievs and anything else I find out about the game. By the way ... back of the box says ... Players 1 .... Co-op 2.
  21. Madcat ... whether you hear it from anyone else ... just wanted to let you know that you're doing a great job and all your work is greatly appreciated. Putting a guide together is no small task and these people will have it before the game has been released.
  22. Ok ... as far as the Airborne achievement, I got it last night ... It's actually pretty easy once you get 6 guys around you. Here's what I did. Not sure exactly which mission it's on, but it's in the early levels where you are in Africa ... you just come out of an area with spikes in the floor ... in fact, it's the area where in the middle of the spikes is the room on the left that you can hack into and get an upgrade. Once you you move to the next area it is an "arena" of sorts with LOTS of enemies. Go to the far left corner and just stay there ... if you hold the LT to block and do nothing the enemies will all gather around you ... in fact, you will get 7 to 9 of these guys. At that point, move a foot from the corner and then do a big jump and hit the Y to pound the ground. If done right, the achievement will pop ... if not ... restart from the last checkpoint as the area is just past those spikes in the floor. Let me know how you make out.
  23. I agree with Bam ... I played the whole level through and had racked up about 1500 kills. Plus there were a bunch of other achievs along the way. And remember ... once you finish the game you can just replay and mission on any chapter which is exactly what I did. Since nothing is stackable when switching to the "hard" mode, it's worth just going back to different missions and picking up any of those "multiple" achievements.
  24. Toasty or Tru89X - Exactly what chapter and what mission and where in the mission is the skeleton for the Wow achiev? I replayed the first three missions of chapter 2 twice now and couldn't find a cave ... lots of logs to jump over and under .. is it at the beginning of one of th missions. Sorry ... I know I'm missing something ... and btw ... thanks for your help. It's always the easy achievs that hold me up ... 820 points and can't find the freakin skeleton!
  25. Tripp .... if you go to the far side of that area you will find a statue ... you can use feral sense to see it ... it must be pulled out and you will see that on the left side (looking from where you came in the room in the first place) there is an area that you have to jump up and break another set of wood to allow another "shelf" to come out. This area is up on the wall and you have to break it after jumping from the block you pulled out at the far end of the room. Then when you go back to the entrance where the crank is, all of the platforms will drop down ... simply ... maybe not so simply go from one to the other ... btw ... when you get all the platforms to go down .. they stay down instead of moving back up so quickly ... Hope this helps a bit.
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