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  1. I have seen other people saying this...I have the option right off the bat...it's on the left top side after picking mission
  2. I tried both methods, the one where they say lots of people will be playing and picking my own game mode....tried for past 2 days and haven't found a game yet.
  3. I have 3 achievements that are stuck like that...all three i did after the patch...for instance my survival 5 star one I have 6 stars and its stuck on 20%.
  4. I am having the same problem....actually went for chiev today and its as if i have only 2 stars and i have 5
  5. My wife and myself did all 50 waves (actually she only did from 21 on) When we were done it popped for her but not me....i'm player 1....I tried to replay level 1 and eneded up doing the first 20 again just incase...no pop...anybody?
  6. I never played re raid before, I got the 3 acheivements on raid playing with my wife and it leveled up 2 charaters for me to level 7, i took my favorite character to level 10 (gina). Now my character is to high a level for the raid i'm at (level 7). So i'm guessing I have to use my lesser characters till I get harder missions....looked high and low for a faq so if ya got a link let me know.
  7. What are your favorites and what should you skip? Some are pretty expensive so i don't want to waste money. Edit: I meant the campaign skill tree
  8. Well good news, I signed in to her acct and hesitantly made me be player 2 and they stuck...i have retried a couple times with no issues...maybe she held the y button down er sumptin...lol and yes i thought it was a reenactment of brdlnds 2.
  9. the past 2 times we logged on her badass was zero again...should be over 150, anybody have this happen? Mine stays the same but i'm afraid to let her start as player 1 and i may lose it.
  10. It is just like the last one only better cuz they can't sneak away. Doesn't work all that great alone just like cave 1.0. This guy show step by step how to get there. edit: just go to the next area past that one and that works a lot quicker.
  11. You have to see that wisp of smoke and I think you hear something as well when the headshot is considered precision, you can even lower the health bar with body shots and finish them with the head shot.
  12. from this review http://gbatemp.net/review/abyss-odyssey.162/ However, co-op was an entirely different story and I had a hard time enjoying it, especially when playing online, which had more than its fair share of performance and gameplay issues. Over local and online co-op, the biggest complaint TankErdin and I had is that you are fighting together to reach the bottom of the Abyss, but you also have the ability to attack one another, which further complicates gameplay and makes it absolutely chaotic, and not in a good way. With stronger enemies or bosses that now have an extra enemy tagging along, one wrong grab or poor swing with an ice or poison weapon can easily turn the tides against you for something virtually unavoidable. The only way to really prevent this is to have each player draw an enemy to their side of the screen, which doesn't always work, or to have one player sit out at the side of the screen while the other takes all of the heat, which isn't fair to either player. On top of this, player two has no incentive to join a host other than getting achievements, adding to their Warlock kill count if they get there, and otherwise just screwing around. In our playtime, TankErdin and I found that the person joining an online game neither gains or loses any experience, levels, or gold after they quit. And beyond this, online play suffered from many synchronization and performance issues, with characters stuttering across the map, being stuck in a jumping animation and being able to fall through the floor, and the camera not being able to decide which player to focus on and letting other players run entirely off screen, when ideally it would follow each player separately. Playing local co-op solved all of the synchronization issues, but the camera issue still remains. I'm gonna skip this one.
  13. Does player 2 get achievements on this game couch co op?
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