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  1. Im really enjoying warfighter. dont understand how all the reviews can be so low. sure it is nothing really ground breaking, but its a fun modern shooter that plays well.
  2. Tweekfu

    Ultimate team

    so whats the best way to build a team in UT? use the starting bronze guys to get as much money as possible and go straight to gold? or go bronze to silver to gold?
  3. after downloading the early release of the game. When i get the disc does the early download just act as if i have already installed the game on the harddrive?
  4. DO you know if the PC version has the same issues with achievements as xbox?
  5. I'm beating the unstoppable AI about 50% of the time. So it does still work just no where near as efficient.
  6. Thanks for that, ill grab it on xbox than, if i was going to have to play 3+ playthroughs i would have got it on PC.
  7. I want to get this game when its released in Australia, but i want to do a run through without looking up anything to do with achievements because i don't want any spoilers. Are there many miss-able achievements, and if i did one normal play through than a second one actively searching for achievements can i have everything done? thanks
  8. They took the Multiplayer out of the PC version? that's a bit weird isn't it?
  9. I came here to ask the same question, read the achievement guide, couldn't find the answer. Than I looked at the threads hoping for an answer. Saw this thread, went an re read the achievement guide and I may be blind but I can't find the answer in the guide. It has the best way to boost but no mention of doing it with just 2 people that I saw.
  10. Oh well if anyone wants to use the space marine pre order code it is GYH9Y-6FT6G-2QGMF-VDQJK-XCP3Z congrats whoever gets it first.
  11. I have the Space marine Pre order code (Space Wolves/Black Templers) Anyone want to trade that for the chaos version?
  12. Thanks Team - watch the credits 10g Good Sport - play 25 online matches 40g Online Captain - play 50 online matches 125g Tall as Metcalfe - Win 60% lineouts in a match that aren't thrown by your own team 15g Secret World Champ Domination - Win a World Championship without losing or drawing a game 60g Possessed - maintain over 60% possession in a match 10g This is my house - Maintain over 60% territory in a match 10g Lack of discipline - Ref calls one red card against you 10g A gentlemans game - Do not conceded more than 2 penalties in a single match 15g End to end - Make a try scoring run which starts in your own in goal 40g Conversion point pro - score a conversion on pro difficulty 35g Team player - Win 10 matches, each as a different team 40g Played for our sins - Win a match with 2 players sent off 15g The Catt Memorial Service - break through a fullback with Jonah Lomu 20g Where is Tim Timber? - win the ITM cup 50g Super, thanks for asking - win the Rugby 15 competition 50g There's no forfeiting this one - win the top 14 50g Working on my quads - Win the quad nations 50g Hardcore fan - Complete career mode 100g Secret Bank of Toulon - collect $100,000 rugby dollars 100g No school boy difficulty here - get gold medals in every tutorial - 30g That's no oil painting, but OK - create and save a custom player 10g
  13. How come it says not available in my region for Australia? anyone know of any issues with a world wide release for this?
  14. You need to level the classes to unlock the new weapons/items for the class. each class has 20 levels and every level unlocked something new to use.
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