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  1. There's currently a global issue with achievements syncing / unlocking.
  2. need coop for Tower of Elephant achievement. Message me on Xbox live. GT: ReAl ImPuLsE Done and no longer have game.
  3. Got 12 GB update today. Is hardcore replay mission fix?
  4. These are maps for tank available. St. Quentin Scar Amiens Ballroom Blitz Monte Grappa Empire's Edge Fao Fortress Suez Sinai Desert Giant's Shadow Soissons Rupture Nivelle Nights Prise de Tahure
  5. There are 19 in total missing 3. Pistols: "Nagant Revolver" - Perform 20 kills with the Luger P08 pistol "Obrez Pistol" - In a round, perform 5 kills with the MLE 1903 Pistol Pilot/Tanker: "C93 Carbine" -Perform 40 kills with the FT Light Tank
  6. Thanks a lot and it worked.
  7. Still cant get past press A screen. I tried hard reset 3 times. Any idea how get past it?
  8. Is it's accumulative or if you have to hold that all at once? What faster way to earn studs? Without the multiplier this will take long time grind.
  9. I did my first playthrough on authentic straight away and not know where to go! I got to pull up youtube video where objectives is. Only did primary objectives. It not that hard just take your time and be patience.
  10. The Best of the Best of the Best ' Complete the entire main campaign on Authentic difficulty with no manual saves Can this be done in coop?
  11. When you get there need to push look around for it. It should be blue light flash when you in
  12. Ultimate Edition come with Premium Pass package, Hellfighter Pack, and Deluxe Edition Content. Deluxe come with Hellfighter Pack, and Deluxe Edition Content. Premium Pass package include all DLC.
  13. 5 achievements worth 150 Born Survivor 10 Successfully survive and escape in Survival Mode Tools of the Trade 20 Craft the Virus Filter and Flare Gun in Survival mode Subzero Hero 30 Obtain clothing to get a survivable temperature rating of -22°C / -7°F. Survival Instincts 40 Achieve Master Rank in Survival Mode. For the Hoarder… 50 Successfully extract 100 items from the Survival Dark Zone.
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