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    A student, Xbox 360 guru and forum enthusiast!
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  1. Haven't got any XP for challenges since like November!
  2. JC

    Daily gift?

    Ah okay, what a shame.
  3. JC

    Daily gift?

    Says who? Could be a glitch or something with all the downtime FUT is having.
  4. Thanks for doing this, been so busy lately. The list is in good hands now! Glad my list helped so many people.
  5. JC

    Daily gift?

    Don't seem to be getting the Daily Gift since FUT went back up.
  6. Still no XP for the last like 15 challenges...
  7. Seen 201/250 and trying hard to complete it!
  8. Nope. Did the new challenge as well and 0 XP again!
  9. Really annoying, not getting any XP for completing challenges either! Thought EA patched all the problems...
  10. Yes, there are definitely problems. Did the latest challenge and got 0 XP for it...pretty annoying.
  11. Yes, now the first EAS FC challenge is up!
  12. Can't believe EAS FC Challenges are not up yet for the release of the game!
  13. Wow, surprised EA was actually nice for a change. Extra XP for me!
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