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  1. I hate to say this but it's pretty much the same dude. Don't get me wrong, I love it and am having a blast with it but it will be a lot of grinding similar to FH2. Its a pretty large improvement (except for the radio stations IMO) but probably doesn't warrant the 60 dollar price tag in your current situation.
  2. Need Dizzy Dealer as well. Mercury XBA is my GT
  3. Hey man I noticed some of my Xbox One clubs and leaderboards stats were off. Who should I notify about that?

  4. We should get back on the Warframe grind.

  5. The two bottom right nodes in Madurai are MR 10 and 12. The Wiki doesn't mention them, and neither does clicking on a Tree and looking through it. I started earning a bit towards another tree to investigate but didn't know if it would be worth my time. Also, if you're willing to spend some money, you can put Greater Lenses on equipment. I have 1 on each piece of gear, and now 1 round of Draco nets around 10k Focus. Just an FYI. Edit: And yeah, Duke of Darkness, I imagine it's because you're already past that. I would think there are more MR requirements but 12 seems to be the highest and I'm already 9 so I don't see anything below that either.
  6. Hey everyone. So this update is huge and the achievements seem confusing at first, so I hope I can help and get some feedback. To start earning these new achievements, you will first need to have completed the Stolen Dreams quest. After you do that, you will need to equip a Scanner and head to Uranus and select one of the submersible missions. Make sure you or someone in your party is at least Mastery Rank 3. While running the mission, you should eventually hear a strange sound. Look around the area you are in and you should find a Blue creature floating around scanning things. Pull out your scanner, aim at it, and pull the trigger to scan it in. After the mission is over, you should have the Natah questline unlocked. Complete that, then Second Dreams right after that. Once Second Dreams is unlocked, you can pick a Focus Tree and earn Focus points. To gain Focus, you need to equip the Lens given to you to a piece of gear that is Level 30 (same actions as Polarizing a slot or adding an Orokin Cell). This will turn any extra Affinity into Focus. So, my question to anyone at this point is what Tree did you pick and does it require Mastery Rank 12 to unlock every node? I picked Madurai and one of the slots requires Mastery Rank 10 and another one Mastery 12. I was hoping one of the other trees would NOT require such a high Mastery as I would rather not grind that hard if I don't have to. Best place to grind Focus has been Draco on Ceres. I can get around 4-5K each time if I have a good enough team. Thanks for any help or answers.
  7. Finished The Division last week. Best game I've played on Xbox One since Witcher 3 in my opinion. Loved it, extremely fun with friends, and can't wait for more content. Ubisoft has done alright this year in my book with the Tom Clancy games.
  8. Couldn't agree more. I am pleasantly surprised if they pop while I'm using an App but I'll never go out of my way to complete them.
  9. Oh, and I just looked at your "about me." You work in the oilfield too?

  10. Yeah absolutely man. Just for the game club I'm applying to correct? Sorry about that. That's like 100 submissions without them! I feel like a dick! Oh, and do I need to do anything special when it's DLC besides game club?

  11. Jesus Christ. I honestly don't think I've ever encountered a shittier MP experience than what Siege has provided me. Playing solo is flawless, no problems. But trying to join friends, whether it be from the Xbox menu, in-game, or from party? An absolute nightmare. If this game didn't have the connection issues it does, it would be 5/5 stars for me. But the headache from dozens of error codes when trying to join friends or them trying to join me makes me want to rate it 1/5 in it's current state. Ubisoft's solution? Go into my router an open up ports. Bullshit. A game should work out of the box. Rant over.
  12. Agreed 100%. Since you seem to be on it these days, want to try out the newest insane achievement, "No Brainer"? Apparently there are a few methods but it's hard to find someone to communicate with. I'll add you on XBL if you ever want to give it a go.

  13. I have no idea what that means but hot damn I'm excited!
  14. Holy shit buddy, that guide is awesome! Hands-down much better than what I was able to put together. And I'm glad someone else has finally found some love for that game. Warframe is awesome.

  15. really dumb question, have you gone to your equip screen, gone to your companion, and selected the kubrow instead of a sentinel?
  16. Okay, you need to: - Complete the "Howl of the Kubrow" quest - Repair the incubator in the bottom left of your ship - Obtain and build a Incubator Power Core - Obtain a Kubrow egg - Have a free Stasis Pod Then you have to wait. A lot.
  17. You can definitely win every time. Yes there is a car that is extremely tough to beat but I always manage with some dirty driving. As for limiting AI aggression, go to Drivatar Difficulty and turn On "Limit Aggression." I mentioned the rain could use some fine-tuning in another thread, but forgot to add there that I don't like that I can't just turn the music volume down and race volume up (but I can turn off music by itself). I just love the engine noise while having some quiet tunes in the background. I do agree that the game has a lot in common with Forza 5, but if you play them both back to back you can tell they definitely fine-tuned the shit out of the Forza 6. I can't complain when they have improved literally every aspect of the game. However, I'm not sure how I feel about the new style of single player race hoppers. Those first 12-15 races in D-C class cars was a bit of a bore for me.
  18. Yeah, the high scores made this an easy buy for me. Literally the only 2 complaints I have regard the rain: First, when you drive right behind a car, they spray up a mist, but it doesn't hit your windshield. Second, you don't leave a trail after you drive through a puddle. That's IT, and they're fucking stupid complaints that Forza 7 will probably "fix." This game is beautiful. Tracks galore, cars out the wazoo, stunning graphics (dude, on Leguna Seca there's dust blowing across the track); just a monument of attention to detail. I love it. Well deserved scores IMO.
  19. I absolutely cannot wait for a reason to drown myself in this game again. I started a NG+ to get the choices where I want them for this upcoming expansion.
  20. Thanks for the quick reply in the awards forum, and for taking care of that for me. I appreciate it bud.

  21. Trust me I don't disagree, but I would guess it's because they already had the orange/blue (common/rare) split for the first year of the game, and they don't want to copy Diablo on the color drops (Purple is armor pieces in Warframe).
  22. Okay, so for anybody who was/is on the fence about Warframe, there has never been a better time to start. The newest update, Echoes of the Sentient, is extremely badass. Noticeable changes: Revamped Movement - Puts the old one to shame, as wall running is now extremely intuitive and simple to use. Also adds a double jump, new animations for jumping, and removed the stamina bar. You can now sprint forever without having to slide and jump all over the place. Color-coded Materials - Now, you can easily tell if a material is the rare Argon Crystal, Orokin Cell, or Neurode, as they have been re-colored. Orange drops are common, Blue are rare, and Green are extremely rare. No more sprinting all over the map picking everything up as you can now easily tell if the material is what you are hunting for. New Weapons and Items - They also added a crap ton of new weapons and aesthetic items. The two coolest additions, IMO, are capes and Kubrow armor. Yes, they cost Platinum (real-world money, or in-game if you sold enough Prime Parts in the Trading tab), but man they are cool. There are tons of smaller things added, but I can't remember them right now because it's late as hell and I've been up forever. Warframe is a lot of fun. I'm honestly extremely surprised more people haven't given it a try. The new update makes a lot of improvements that seasoned players will gladly embrace. For people new to the game, or just considering getting it, I cannot recommend this game enough. On a side note, the biggest downfall of Warframe is it's depth and complexity. There are a ton of nuances to the game that are never explained through a tutorial (Dojos, Platinum, Prime items, how to use the trading system, how to upgrade and polarize weapons and Warframes, how to customize your ship, how to rank up your Mastery level, how to unlock new planets, what Alerts are, what Nightmare missions are, how to access Orokin Derelict missions, Void keys, how to join and rank up a Syndicate -- the list is really long). So, if you start the game and cannot figure something out, please please please PM me here or shoot me a message on Xbox Live and I'll answer any questions you have. Besides being an awesome game, it's a relatively simple completion.
  23. Definitely agree with you on the bolded point. I cant count at this point how many times I've been in a match with people just standing in the spawn point, and on top of that they're almost 100% on my team. As for the maps, I'm with you. I've played every gametype, social and competitive, and still haven't played Escalation or Rooftops. As I told my friends who were on the fence about this, I feel like I was lied to. The videos leading up to the game were talking about rebuilding the game from the ground up, when in reality its much more like the Halo Anniversaries - reskinned but with the exact same gameplay from the original. Yes, they added diagonal rolling, choosing weapons while running, and reviving from cover, but the sticky walls and random connections are pretty annoying after the strides they made with Gears 3. On the connection issue, I should note that I'm fairly positive that "Host Shotgun" isn't a problem (right?) but it still FEELS like there is one. For example, in 2v2 Gnasher Execution, I can have a game with 15 kills, then the next match, with the exact same people, get downed from 2 shots 15 feet away while putting 4 into them from 5 feet and nothing happens. So I can go 15-3 one match but 4-8 the next with the exact same people on the same map. It's just a bit frustrating, since everything seemed much more consistent with Gears 3. All that aside, I'm having a blast with the game. It has its problems, but I love it and can't put it down. As for what I told my friends on the fence, wait until its 20 bucks at Christmas.
  24. Thanks for the link. So no then, doesn't look like there were too many over the 360's cycle (at least not special editions). I imagine Xbox One will blow those numbers out of the water.
  25. Alright cool thanks man! Edit: Also, for OP, would this be out of the question then? [ame=http://www.amazon.com/Belkin-6-Outlet-Office-Protector-Straight/dp/B000IF51UQ/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1441041120&sr=8-2&keywords=power+strip]Amazon.com: Belkin 6-Outlet Home/Office Surge Protector with 2.5 feet Cord & Straight Plug: Electronics[/ame]
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