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  1. Ah, Of course Maka did a 100% for a sub 1 hour game. Cool!
  2. I follow the guide correctly even starting with 5 second rounds and level 1 difficulty but the AI always gets in the first hit and even juggles me for 1/3 health for the entire 5 seconds. of the match. I hate these fighting games.
  3. Wow, that trick about pausing at the turns in stage 11 made it so I could complete the stage. Thanks for the tip!
  4. And I planned it out to capture it on video. Onto 700,000 and then a million!
  5. Well I messed up something hard. I let the first ending go through to the credits and then exited. then the only option was new game, not picking up at the auction house to get the Lion's Den achievement. So maybe mention to exit out BEFORE the credits so you don't have to do 3 playthroughs instead of 2?
  6. TonySki

    Flat tyre?

    Drive like an asshole. I had the right rear pop in stage 1 of Poland by throwing my ass against the barriers that were set up.
  7. Yeah, on PC the game doesn't run at 2 frames a second and mouse look is better for the jumping around aspect.
  8. It's a trophy guide but still works. https://www.playstationtrophies.org/...e-roadmap.html
  9. It's a trophy guide but still works. https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/cars-3-driven-to-win/311859-cars-3-driven-win-trophy-guide-roadmap.html
  10. So is Ghost required to pop up at the end of a mission in order to get the achievement?
  11. The guide says to use the Mustang and 370what? Skyline BEATS the Mustang hands down for dirt. second place is the Focus. Raid options are the BMW and Hummer.
  12. Thanks for the guides! I used them as a template for the rest after getting all golds with campaign.
  13. So shitty that the videos are private now. BUT here's someone who doesn't hide his videos after beating the game! It's ChristopherOdd from crazypath yetti's post.
  14. Don't need to know a thing about it! I still don't understand why they need to do a belly flop to score a touchdown but got the 1K.
  15. I'm getting this game through gamefly soon. Do I need to know the rules of Rugby to easily get 1K on it? I've seen some games and don't understand the rules.
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