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  1. I actually liked it. What's your problem? You don't like fun?
  2. There's nothing I want on the Xbone that's exclusive, other than Killer Instinct which I know I want to play and Sunset Overdrive which I'm really interested in. Other than that every other exclusive has been disappointing to me in any way Sharpe or form, Forza 5 being the most disappointing. Unless somehow they get some bomb ass exclusive games which make it worth it and I'm actually interested in, or at least stop breaking every exclusive series with something horrible then maybe I would, otherwise I can live without it.
  3. Play something good like Guardian Heroes.
  4. Still, without hoppers, it's backwards. It's still going to be backwards until it has them. Walk before you run, that's what I say.
  5. Theif: Deadly Shadows is easily the best one. Although they all were, until you were given a sword.
  6. From what I've read every GoD game comes with the on-line pass. Kinda makes sense since you're buying it brand new, and therefore Vol are getting their share whilst Microsoft get those lovely lovely licensing fees.
  7. Yes. It's still handled by Volition so there should be nothing to stop you from getting it. THQ was a publisher remember.
  8. http://30.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lk7by9annR1qii0lzo1_400.gif It's not faaaaair~ I wanted Dust for free and all I got was Killer Instinct~ Microsoft should care about me because I bought their Xbone and give me free stuff~ Boo hoo~
  9. Still waiting on Cat Ears for a sandbox game but apparently Rockstar and Volition must be feline racists. #firstworldproblems
  10. This is the best month for GwG so far. If you haven't played Dust, you should. I got it on Steam to play from the beginning again just because my Xbox 360 HDD is full. Amazing combo fighting, metroid-vania kinda, story telling masterpiece, mostly made by 1 person. Also one of my friends' friends did an interview with the creator, and the voice actor for Fidget who is also the voice actor for Ms Fortune in Skullgirls: As for Saints Row the Third, if you haven't played it already which rock have you been living under? Granted I pretty much finished everything but the challenge list and the Professor Genki DLC it was excellent. I'll probably pick it up and re-download it all to 100% it maybe. All the rest of the DLC is linear bullshit though, you're not missing anything.
  11. Actually, protip, unless if they're only planning on selling XP Boosts, "Curency" Boosts or any cosmetics to look super splendiferously unique, you probably should have a problem with it. If people can directly buy power then why would they want to do all that work? If they can throw their wallet at EA and be 10 times better than anyone else then what's all the need to play? Granted I have no idea how this game exactly works but still, if EA is going to sell power you probably should be having a cow over it.
  12. They're only doing it for Xbox 360 so all of us casuals who never got an Xbone will still feel like we're cared about when in reality you're their number one customers with your Windows Phones and Xbones. Especially if you're in the US too!
  13. Infinite Worlds? Let's talk about the more important things, like HOPPERS.
  14. I'd say no on the basis that Rockstar did make better games such as Midnight Club 2. Specifically 2. Not 3, or LA Remix, just 2.
  15. CHIRUNO99


    To be honest the only reason I wasn't playing it was mostly because it didn't have the walking up 1 block tweak. It does now so maybe I'll give it a shot again. A bit of an over reaction? Unless you're going to enjoy starting from square 1 again deleting your chars and worlds was a very silly thing to do.
  16. I take it I'm not getting into the club then for some reason. I would have at least liked to have been told this.
  17. If they can afford an Xbox One they'll have no trouble buying anything else.
  18. It doesn't even have Trials Fusion let alone Mini Car Racing, probably one of eGames' best games next to Speedy Eggbert. There's easily way more than 43k games out there. I think everyone is ok for forgetting about XBLIG. Including Microsoft. Why? That's not even out yet. They haven't even done anything since they got the Skullgirls engine. I'm surprised people would still be interested in it after they've had to drop the MLP branding because Hasbro are the worst. Undertale isn't on there either and that only has a demo.
  19. >get to the final checkpoint of an Extreme map with 0 faults I can't even finish a Hard map with 0 faults. 0/10 locking me out of content I clearly can't do anyway.
  20. Just because it's cheap doesn't mean you should buy it. Why not just buy a better game?
  21. I barely used it, but I still have the dongle. I wonder if I can find the disc and see if it's actually worth anything. Although I doubt it.
  22. It's all done by the labour of love. Though these modders do appreciate it if you slip them a donation, and to be frank many of them deserve it. From the guys who reworked the Oblivion races to make them look way better, to that guy who made the mod where at night the windows have a tint of yellow. I mean seriously, http://static-4.nexusmods.com/15/mods/101/images/44676-1-1387664956.jpg That's better than Skyrim imo. Granted to make each Elder scrolls game look better than best you'd need a very hardcore rig, a crap ton of mods and infinite patience, but the payoff is amazing, especially the mod which fixes the levelling in Oblivion so everything doesn't level up with you.
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