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  1. You got the ring... but you dropped it in the water? http://www.reactionface.info/sites/default/files/imagecache/Node_Page/images/1312291457832.jpg
  2. This is the only way to get one. Do it with 10 humanity. Chances of you getting one from killing merely 10 is pretty low, usually takes me 20+ to get one.
  3. Except the game isn't hard anyway. And bosses like Darklurker, that can be cheesed with magic, still can be.
  4. Unlikely to be in the correct order, but: Channeler's Trident http://x4.fjcdn.com/thumbnails/comments/gt+Post+content+gt+Go+to+bed+gt+Come+_c412176682bc6494a5968324030a1c9a.gif Kellog's Fury Sword Not the best weapon, but simply on looks alone it's one of my favourites. The only weapon in the game that has a fire effect as you swing it. Estoc The slowest rapier, but it easily has the longest reach. Golem Axe Simply because of how fun the special attack is to use. Obsidian Greatsword It's a dragon weapon that can be buffed and has a shockwave special attack, what's not to love about this? Black Knight Sword Ridiculously powerful weapon that can be obtained early game, like most black knight weapons. However, it's the speed and the weight compared to the others along with a nice moveset that makes this one of my favourite. Stone Greatsword All the effects of TwoP without the visible effects. Good for blindsiding people. Shotel An amazing weapon for fighting new players, the panic you see once they realise they can't turtle is priceless... Uchigatana A katana only slightly below the Chaos Blade but without the annoyances that come with it. Bleed buildup, thrusting attacks and decent amount of damage. Possibly the most popular PvP weapon. Moonlight Greatsword A viable melee weapon for a sorcerer, has 2 special power attacks and only weighs 6. Was my favourite in DS2 until it was nerfed. Note: I haven't have much experience using the Gold/Silver tracer, but given the Gold's moveset and the Silver's critical, they're obviously very useful weapons. That and the fact they're used constantly in PvP. Honourable mentions -Claymore -Black knight greataxe/halberd -Gravelord sword -Ricard's Rapier -Velka's Rapier -Grant -Dragon Kinge greataxe -Demon's Greataxe
  5. Jesus Christ, they really did destroy magic in this update. I just went on to take a look for myself and on my lvl 1 a lightning spear has 3 uses??? It's such a shame, I like going through the game as a melee character, but now it seems that's the only way unless you want to seriously gimp yourself. At least pyromancy seems relatively untouched, not sure about the attack power yet however. Can anybody comment on whether hexes have been nerfed in any way?
  6. Generally he's a good NPC to practice on, especially parying. You could get him near the edge and simply + to kick him off. If you really can't kill him though, you should restart. You're only 10 minutes into the game. But let this be a warning for the rest of the game: Be careful about which NPCs you attack and make sure you won't need them later.
  7. I've not played this in a while now, have they nerfed the buffed dagger criticals? Or anything melee related? I think I heard they fixed the parrying. It's a shame they're still nerfing spells though, PvP was largely melee anyway with people using spells just for buffs. Seems like that's all it's going to be now.
  8. Every covenant item is obtainable offline, sunlight medals IIRC are farmed from the sunlight maggots in lost izalith, the 25 faith requirement to join doesn't take long at all and as Dante has pointed out, you can get the souvenirs of reprisal from the painted world crow enemies. As for the eyes of death, basilisks drop those and aside from those I think humanity is the only other covenant item you need for miracles off the top of my head. I don't know why you're having such a hard time with being summoned though. Hell, I still get summoned at undead burg by new players to the game within 5 minutes of putting my sign down.
  9. Unfortunately the medals aren't tradeable this time around. Stick by bosses that are commonly attempted by people around your soul memory (or perhaps a little higher) if you have no luck, try another boss. If you leave the area, your summon sign disappears. So stick it down and read a magazine or something while you wait.
  10. Check out the official bitching thread: http://www.xboxachievements.com/forum/showthread.php?t=570919 It has many opinions on the game with many comparisons to DS1 so you'll see why most people feel that way. Also, there's this thread: http://www.xboxachievements.com/forum/showthread.php?t=576109
  11. If anybody has anything useful they don't need, even items: I have a lvl 8 I invade new players on and gift them some useful equipment if they're new to the game. Any donations would be welcome. I have a red sign soapstone so I can be summoned provided you are a higher lvl than me () and haven't defeated the area boss somewhere (can be summoned in Kiln of the first flame if that's the only area you have left) So if you're a high lvl player with many duplicates or things you don't need, send me a message if you feel like helping the new free games on gold players.
  12. If that's how you want your first playthrough of dark souls then that's totally up to you. You really shouldn't look at it this way though. If there's one game of this (last?) generation that deserves your time and attention it's this.
  13. You need both FAI and INT at at least level 20 for him to give you the robes and the staff. At 8 FAI and INT he sells you items. You can also kill him for the staff.
  14. A mid range PC is a more worthwhile purchase right now than an Xbone. I don't want to jump on the band wagon, but it looks to be so much worse than the PS4 and until there's actually a good exclusive on there, there's really no reason to buy one at its current price (and rumour is, project beast may be PS4 exclusive) Seems more suited to General Xbox than the Dark Souls 2 forum though.
  15. The achievements aren't particularly hard, many come with merely playing the game and practically all of them come with trying to do as much as the game has to offer (while hoarding weapons). The game itself is only considered hard because many people go into it with the wrong mindset, die a load of times and then get pissed off with it and complain. So long as your mindful about the enemies around you, take areas slow until you know them and don't get greedy with your attacks, you'll be fine.
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