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  1. when you get to the veil where the capra demon is instead of going in there turn right and you'll see a set of stairs leading down. be careful you'll see a lone assassin out in the open. its a trap. round the corner in front of him is another assassin waiting to jump out on you. once you dispatch of those two there will be two doors. the one on the right you cant open yet until you beat the capra demon. that door leads to the sewers and onto blight town. the one on the left leads up a set of stairs toward the undead burg. dispatch of the archer on the way up and youll see a sewer tunnel that looks familiar. she's sitting behind some grating. she sells a mixture of stuff. arrows. poison healers and a really useful curse stone for the next section which you must buy. Even if it is pricey xD. if you continue down the tunnel from her theres a door that acts as a shortcut to the beginning bit with the rat and the stairs back toward the shrine c:
  2. pretty much thirding that once you get through the veil run immediately up to that little alcove and press yourself against it. shield and bash the dogs. he shouldn't be able to get you if you step way back and put your shield up. I sniped him down with arrows instead of running back down (incase he crushed me under those huge knives) with poison arrows I got from the female merchant whose to the right of that past the assasians and up a set of spiral stairs c: plus normal arrows.
  3. oh wow ty so much xD that finally makes sense. The step i was missing was the fact you had to upgrade a normal weapon so far then certain shards for the paths. this game has a huuuuuuuuge learning curve. i feel like such a newb at this but i want to understand it and get good at it haha c:
  4. i'm glad im not alone xD i think i grasp the basic concept that you have to like use titanite shards to a certain level...then you use the large shards? i'm really not sure. i dont get what the embers are for v.v;
  5. Okay so I've been playing the game through as a wanderer. Level 34 20 something dex 20 something health 20 something strength and then the rest is all low. Currently in the shadow garb with the long bow from dark root garden and drake sword. I seem to have my butt handed to me a lot. Even when i do some fancy rolling and get round the back of people. I also don't understand reinforcing despite all the guides I've read. I'm trying to get to the blighttown boss but these spiders even with a shield, if enemies gang up on my character she essentially gets murdered. Thoughts? Tips? Standing back firing arrows on an enemy seems to be the only way to deal with most enemies. Maybe I'd have a better time going through as a socerer? If anyone has any tips on what spells to get for a mage run let me know c:
  6. level boosting method, i'd like some easy v.v; it's an amazing game but it's really really hard. you can be trawling along a section get hit once by something and that's it. redo the entire section. getting as poison affliction has never been so frightening. Despite raging at it various times on the forums I really like it. I want to get good at it, or at least survive. It's seriously addictive.So buy. You couldn't complete it in rental time xD.
  7. thanks everyone n.n i managed to get past this bit and the bell gargoyles (which were super tricky v.v; ) now i'm off to ....uh i have no idea where xD.
  8. thanks guys c: all super useful info. someone really needs to make a complete beginners guide. its the little things v.v; like knowing what stat for shield weilding etc. -goes back to it xD and hopefully ill have more luck this time-
  9. ah thank you so much c: that definitely helped. can you wield the drake sword with a shield or is it two handed. lots of weapons seem to be two handed which isn't too great v.v when youre playing a high dexterity character. provided i can finally get in this church then ill stick with it xD. Apologies for cluttering up the forums again guys but I was getting to that point where youre like c.c am i doing this for fun or just because haha.
  10. yeah i have the drake sword but it seems to go to breaking level really fast. I guess i need to stock up on arrows i offloaded them all in the dragon and havent gone back to the merchant v.v; i just ran past the rats. now hopefully i can take those knights so i dont have to go all the way back again. wheres the nearest bonfire ;_; please tell me its close by.
  11. i am shielding and they poison me anyway =/ i even snagged that knight shield from behind one of the bigger knights. it doesnt seem to matter how many times i whack at the rats they dodge by some magical ninja power and then even when i lure them out one by one they screw me over anyway.
  12. I offically can't take it anymore. I'm traversing across the bridge where the red dragon is (under it) and there's these 3 rats and every single time they poison me. or i fall off the bridge trying to get away from the bloody things. and if i manage to get past all of that. then those knights crucify me. help? someone? i don't care if a game is hard but this is just stupid.
  13. yes i got so cheaply killed v.v thankfully didn't lose too many souls and i decided to grind a few levels incase i got hit by a barrel again. good to know it doesn't respawn. so making pen and paper notes, i'm terrible at remebering where im going. i feel super silly for asking such a daft question xD haha thank you both! n.n
  14. so I just got dark souls not long ago, it finally came out today here in europe. I had a little look through the threads but there's kind of a few of them so I'll try not clutter up the forum too badly v.v sorry. I'm well, I'm lost xD. I just got dropped off by that giant crow thing to the little Shrine. I had a wander up the steps to some town like area full of hollowed soldiers and met a rather bizarre shopkeeper hidden down some stairs behind crates. I'm not really sure which direction I should be going because there seems to be several. Should I be working on my levels, I'm on lv12 now, from dying collecting souls and trying to get past that flaming barrel they kick down the stairs at you. I've read through some other threads and people are talking about some blacksmith in the undead something or other, someone really needs to draw a map ;_; because this place is huge. I have no sense of direction haha. I need to get better at using the search function I know.
  15. I'm kind of lost as to how you can compare dark souls and enchanted arms to start with. Enchanted arms is seriously old school grid/term based, dark souls is open world. I'd say Enchanted arms was very...mediocre at best too. The achievements were a piece of cake for an rpg game v.v; it was disappointing. (Don't get me wrong Enchanted Arms did have its charm but I certainly wouldn't be using it as a flag mast for good average level rpgs). Dark Souls takes a tremendous amount of planning and skill, just like turn based rpgs do. You need to learn how to effectively dodge, whose weak against what. It's as cheap as bosses in old school rpgs. If you don't know what you're doing and you charge in there you're going to get your ass handed to you. Multiple times. It requires patience and for you to learn from your mistakes and from other players. If you're a diehard rpg addict then you should be pretty used to putting in hours of grinding, dying, throwing your controller and then booting the game back up after. I think you what you're really saying is you hate jrpgs which are much harder on the player and demand more effort.
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