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  1. Yeah pretty sure I've had them spawn very rarely too when just grinding challenges at 100% map control. They might just be very rare, not sure.
  2. Hey guys I've been playing a bunch of this and this is the best grinding spot I have found so far. It's the altar in the bottom left of the map, I made a video to show which one it is, but basically you just go there and DON'T complete the quest for it, just farm weapon challenges there The spawns are extremely fast and plentiful, not sure why this spot works so well but I have explored the whole map and this is my favorite one. If you find a better spot let me know but feel free to include this in any achievement guides or whatever as time goes on! This helped me finish my challenges quick.
  3. Most people say around the same length as Bioshock 1, so assuming you played that, think about how long that took you. Most people play games at very different rates based on many factors. My playthrough was 4 hours and 25 minutes, but a friend of mine took 13 hours. Regardless, the game is incredible - go play it asap
  4. Do you seriously need the Anniversary maps too? I'm having this same issue.
  5. Hey guys, I keep seeing all over this forum that you can just create a challenge without sending it to any friends, but I absolutely cannot get that to work. I see no option in game to send challenges (when I hover over that option on the left to view challenges and whatnot, it doesn't give me any options to create) and on the website it says "YOU HAVE TO PICK AT LEAST ONE FRIEND" Is there anyone who can send me a challenge, or let me try to add you and send a challenge on the site? Would really hate to be at 995/1000 when I'm done with these calorie achievements
  6. Bump because I'm constantly navigating over to this guide and it's always right at the top of the second page >_>
  7. There's a ton of people logged on the leaderboards who have all beaten hard and whatnot, yet my stats don't go up. Why would it be October 27? The game is officially released in America now, so I'm not sure why it's not functioning correctly.
  8. Welp, I'm having the exact same problem on the exact same Soulja Boy move >_> Anyone else with the same problem find a solution?
  9. Wow fuck that checkpoint. Thank you for this god tier thread
  10. Pretty sure the core of the team is three brothers in Chile chillin' out and makin' games. Zeno Clash was pretty awesome and so is this game. They always make pretty strange games [read: REALLY REALLY STRANGE] but it's a refreshing change of pace for me. So many games are just pumped out and you can see all of the specific elements ripped from existing successful games. These guys aren't afraid to just go wild and let their imaginations explode into their work. Wish their games were longer, though. Gotta rely on replayability in the time trials and online modes and whatnot.
  11. So just to confirm, this STILL works and is considered completely fine to do, right? It just...it seems too good to still be true, you know? edit: And do you have to buy the game from a certain place? Like do you have to use Microsoft's site, or Steam, or something to get the version with achievements that lets you do this? Or does it just work like magic in any version of the game?
  12. I guess I really underestimated the number of people who DIDN'T buy it early on that store thing. I kinda just assumed the news would spread all across the internet (it was on most major news sites and forums) and most people would've bought it before it got taken down. I bought that and From Dust early, though I've mostly just been playing The Maw, which they gave out for free with your purchase of those
  13. You will NEVER (unless it's a mistake and they upload something early somehow) find XBLA games before 5am EST. That's their "starting time" for the process. Sometimes it's up soon after, but sometimes it's not up for 5 hours later. Basically, I'd just wake up at whatever time you'd normally wake up and check if it's there
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