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  1. Can you have the aim assist turned on and still have the foobar achievment unlock, as well as suicide diffculty?
  2. So do I have to beat the game on Suicide difficulty to unlock Fubar difficulty or can I play on combat ops diff. and still unlock Fubar diff. Also do the dfficulty achievements stack, ie will beating game on suicide unlock normal and easy achievements.
  3. I'm wondering about this too. I don't want to buy the dlc if I can't use with the retail game. Anyone know where to put the DLC?
  4. BTW After playing this song around 10 times or so the amount of stars you will gain will drop dramatically, to remedy this just clear the system cache and you'll be back to earning 8,000-10,000 stars every time. NVM I think I just had to adjust my microphone around the headphones
  5. So did you just quit out of all the songs I believe it gives you credit for the points you earn even if you quit.
  6. I just stood facing directly in front of the rain gutters, then had other controller contact rescue and it worked everytime. Then as mentioned above after I got in the saferoom I took the person that was by the plantation and put him idle, and everyone else was transported to the saferoom. This works great because the survivors can take care of any special infected that you get once you get near the house, plus they keep the 3rd tank busy. I advise adrenaline as well.
  7. Hi I'm trying to do the expert glitch single player system link for Swamp fever. So I was wondering do I quit to menu or Return to lobby when I get to the last chapter? Also trying to do the teleport glitch but sometimes can't get it to work.

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