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  1. This is one of those rare moments where I actually don't regret clicking a Daily Mail link, impressive but I agree the Shanghai Tower climb is still better.
  2. To be honest I wasn't sure I'd enjoy it before I started watching, not because of it being uninteresting but because of the immense amount of fucking hype surrounding the show so it had a lot to live up to Luckily it lives up to all the hype. (I also felt like this about Breaking Bad and that turned out extremely well too)
  3. Saw it coming but damn.. Been a superb season so far!
  4. There's a few too many zeros on that number I feel.
  5. http://weknowmemes.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/go-away-google-plus.jpg I use this site now http://daviddeutsch.github.io/yt-sanegrid/ since they don't let us see more than 30 videos.
  6. Oh sweet that was a pretty intense mission bet it's going to give good cash.....$7,000
  7. I actually agree. I still find some of the missions fun but they have completely wank payouts. It was so much fun being able to tinker with cars and mess around with stuff without having to worry about spending hours playing shitty jobs.
  8. Except you can't share money (dividing up the money from a shop or a bounty doesn't count)
  9. My garage currently has these motor vehicles inside of it: Vapid Sandking SWB, Vapid Sandking XL, Zion Cabrio, Bifta, Canis Mesa, Comet, Duneloader, Entity, Akuma, Paradise. Not a big fan of the supercars but do like the Entity and the Sandking is just amazing.
  10. That makes some sense but is also pretty stupid of them to be fair.
  11. Yeah apparently that "glitch" reappears every patch so keep doing it frequently. Also I do feel for you guys that now have less money than you had before, though good luck with RockStar support if you go down that road. You'll have a mediocre response by 2018.
  12. Also, not our fault they made such a basic error that let kiddie scripters run wild, I'll happily keep the items. A friend of mine had $3million before the cheated money came around and now only has $500K, dumb.
  13. I checked the twitter and they're only denying a beta which, to be fair to them, is correct.
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