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  1. GT: Arran R W Game: Control Please and thank you!
  2. GT: Arran R W Game: The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame
  3. zavvi sent me the game 2 days after launch, and I was pissed at the time knowing that I wouldn't have a chance at completing the game first. Looks like I'm back in the race But yeah, my patience will still wear thin after tomorrow when I would normally have been able to unlock that final achievement
  4. This game appears to have added two new worlds and the achievement for getting 3 stars on each level now includes these worlds. I'm having a nightmare with my final level I need for that achievement on the last world which requires you to hit 3 ducks in an insanely short amount of time. The black-hole power-up doesn't seem to be of much help either on this one since I either crash too early or still run out of time when I'm cautious not to crash. Any suggestions? I can't believe I'm struggling so much on it considering I got 3 stars on all levels on the Win8 version while forgetting that powerups even existed! EDIT: I wonder if it is possible to revert to the original version of this game before the update and earn the achievement for finishing the first 10 worlds instead of 12?
  5. Having trouble downloading ilomilo plus, affecting anyone else? EDIT: Problem solved
  6. If anyone has earned this achievement, can you outline exactly what you did please? A few friends and I have well over 50 wins using the guide method and nothing...
  7. Looking for someone with the PAL version. GT: PHX Shado
  8. 3rd right* I kept turning down that side-street that is the 2nd-right and was about to give up until I pulled out the map that came out with the game and found Dorset Drive as you said. It's there thanks!! But for anyone else looking for it, it's the 3rd right!!!
  9. So you know how when you switch character they have the cinematic transitions, to simulate that the character you've switched to was in the middle of doing something. Also, the last vehicle you were driving with that character should be parked nearby. Yeah, so last time I was using Franklin I was fucking around in my submarine. I switch to him and he's now coming out of a convenience store with some beer, and lo and behold: http://prod.cloud.rockstargames.com/ugc/gta5photo/4334/baDEfN91sEaEsGfZgYprnw/0_0.jpg
  10. Really??? I wish I read this before I spent about an hour on Pistol 3. I mean I managed to succeed standing still, but knowing that I can move, now it's a cake-walk
  11. They have released them. They're just only available to those that want to pay 800MSP for them
  12. So, does anyone know when the specializations will be released to the rest of the public?
  13. From my experience, whenever the requirements for a daily are the same as a weekly, the weekly resets itself. Last week, it was the 18 regicides in one match. I got it, then it reset when there was the 10 in one match daily. You'll probably notice it says it's complete again tomorrow when the deadeye daily disappears, as it did with Deposed! Oh and the reason it stopped on 12 is because the daily was for 12.
  14. That's a form of gamesaving and warrants a ban from this site and a GamerScore reset
  15. Does anyone know if there's a time of day that the NBA Today updates and allows you to pick between the previous day's matchup and the current day's? Or am I just grasping at straws? I've completed every NBA game I've played and I don't want a simple and stupid coding mistake to scar my tag
  16. Cheers worked like a charm. I had done the Hector fight, killed 100 wasps and not let any bees get taken, got the awards, but no achievements, and this suggestion unlocked them all at once
  17. Can't select the matchup. Only quick match can be highlighted
  18. From experience in the other games you do just go through that quick match option, however it hasn't been working for me either. Has anyone unlocked this achievement since the start of the conference semis?
  19. I'm on collateral damage, at the first hack panel. I know the blast door in front of me is supposed to open when I complete it, but it refuses to open. I've reloaded the checkpoint a bunch of times, restarted the level, re hacked the console but nothing... Any help? EDIT: I quit my game and instead of continuing I started a new game and used level select to choose collateral damage and for some reason that worked, just in case anyone else was having problems with this.
  20. Score: 125450 Calories: 57 Awesome! We ought to call you Chop-O-Matic!
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