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  1. I've just played the first bonus level (Run..- can't remember the name) and i think I've discovered a glitch with the secret areas. There are six secrets but only 4 ever get counted at the end of the level. It seems that two are not officially counting. When I press start it says I've found all 6 areas though. After completing, it says i've found 4 areas on the map screen. If this is the case, I won't be able to get the find all secret area achievements. I've tried the level on a different account and save and it does the same. Anyone else come across this problem yet?
  2. Looking to boost Medic, From the Jaws and Heaven Can Wait. Should only take 15 mins. Message me if you can help. My gamertag is Snake Pliskinn
  3. I'm just starting the multiplayer and looking for people to boost all achieves. I've got all of the DLC. Very few people seem to be playing this online at the moment. I waited in the lobby for 20 mins and still couldn't get into a game. Message me if you're up for boosting: Snake Pliskinn. I have a friend who wants to do this also. We need four people to do the boosting method on Adam Grab, I think.
  4. I haven't downloaded the Awakened DLC yet. I'm half-way through Classic mode. Will the Devil Horn glitch work for me?
  5. I've read a lot about people struggling to play on all the DLC maps. Is it possible to boost the achieves with people who have the DLC?
  6. Hi, I'm still looking to boost Civilian Causalities and Everybody Dies. I have about 20 agent kills, 50 creatures kills and 10 BSAA kills as a creature. I've also got the Last Stand skill equipped to make it quicker. I'm online now (7pm UK time) and free for the rest of the night if anyone wants to help do this. My gamertag is: Snake Pliskinn
  7. I just need the Civillian Casualties & Everybody Dies. Hoping to boost this as fast as possible 1v1. Message me if you can help: Snake Pliskinn
  8. I've got one achievement left - you are SOL on Onslaught. Can anyone help me with this. I spend most of my time waiting in the lobby - no one is playing it. My gamer tag is Snake Pliskinn
  9. Hi. I'm looking to boost the DLC achievements. If anyone wants to help please message me My gamer tag is Snake Pliskinn
  10. Because the Leader of the Pack and Who's Your Daddy achievements are glitched at the moment (unless someone has managed to get them?), boosting for these seems pointless until Climax patches the game. The Hail to the King achieve seems possible, so if anyone wants to do this, message me. You need to have completed the game and be able to select all six challenge areas. This is what we will do: the first player completes a challenge map up to 5 (when it stops you playing) and passes it on. The other player fails it immediately - this is the only way the victory counts for the first player. The second player then does the same. This process is repeated until all six maps are completed for both players. Gamertag: Snake Pliskinn
  11. Add me too. I'll send anyone who wants one a created challenge: Gamertag: Snake Pliskinn
  12. Can you not do these achievements with a second account/gamertag on the same Xbox? I've got my US account on my friends list.
  13. This is what I believe the pattern to be: Red = 60 seconds (1 min) Blue = 60 minutes (1 hr) Green = 24 hrs (1 day) Grey = 168 hrs (1 Week) I got the first two anticubes without really knowing why. (I was obviously, by chance, in the room at the right time). The green and grey anti-cubes were my last two cubes to get, so I spent a long time in the clock room watching for changes. Looking back at my notes, I can say, with certainty, that it took the grey hand at least three days to move half of the clock face - hence I'm pretty sure its a week. These time increments are logical when you think about it.
  14. What actually constitutes a fall? I've blown guys off ledges and pushed them off in Challenge 2 - but neither count on the leaderboards. I'm sure I've done the same during the campaign. Is there a certain way or place to get fall kills?
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