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  1. They used to have tutorials to teach you how to shoot, dribbling, post and etc....but it seems only tutorial videos are provided in 2K15...
  2. the reason why i ask this is i only played expert in last 2 days, for that come on medal and i did not win a single game...anyway i just keep playing expert for 1 or 2 days and see what will happen
  3. Also, for Three Good Days, do i need win or just play the same difficulty 3 days in a row?
  4. i think the Come On medal is a glitch on WIN8...i tried like 10 time and it didnt work...however, i got this one after the first tried on WP8...anyway thank you for the tips
  5. i did use the picture technique...so you mean that i need mark 98 mine right and mark 1 wrong, then explore the mine which is not marked? This medal is the only one i left,i will try it again
  6. i cannot get Oh COME On!! medal...i don't know what i did wrong
  7. i do think so...you can use the point you got(after certain level maybe, but i guess 26 is enough)to increase the number of relics that you can wear
  8. what should i do after i pick the machetes?
  9. compare with other platformer games,such as splosion man...this is nothing
  10. I did not notice this game has a DLC and now i can never complete it?C'mon!
  11. dont know what i did wrong,my sliver account got around 34,000 and my own gamertag got over 38,000,but achievement didnt pop.This is the only one i left.
  12. yeah,i played it again and got all the golden medals:drunk
  13. i got all the golden medal...but no achievement..do i have to play that credit level again?(did not get gold at first time),but i can not find a way to replay it...i have bad feeling
  14. i just completed the game about 1 month ago,i think it took me less than 15hours.
  15. i guess this one should be easier than Disneyland,am i right?
  16. no worries,i think 4 of them will have achievements.
  17. I think i'm a very aggressive player,but my XP per Minute is only 140...i guess is because of you can't earn too much XPM in gang war mode?
  18. I know what you mean,you know what...may be it just like part of shabba said. I don't know how many games did you play,let's say if you haven't play a lot,may be 50 or less,so i guess those grinds you completed did give you bonuses at first few games,but the influence of grinds became smaller and smaller as you played more and more games. I don't know if you can get this...LOL this is what i can write by my English level
  19. and it gives you a item that you can earn more money,but it's useless IMO....
  20. ok...i guess i read your 3rd post wrong,LOL. i think 197 is pretty good,i have a friend who played deathmatch a lot and almost 2.0 KD,but his XP per min is 191.
  21. The "fine" that i want to express is "My MP states are right",not "i'm good at MP",sorry for the bad English
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