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  1. Well, something rare happend yesterday. Beat wave 50 with only me and 2 randoms on normal. Instantly added them as a friend after that. GreatWhiteShark: I'll add you
  2. No, people can not play any damn way they please. That's the perfect way to get wrecked before wave 20. Start thinking about the team rather than yourself. Either way, hit me up if anybody need one more for horde: GT: il dewde
  3. Regarding horde mode. People really don't know their roles and just wander around being selfish. Scout and engineer are absolutely mandatory since increasing power supply and decreasing build cost/increasing fortification health is essential. Everytime i play with randoms some soldier/scout/heavy jacakss starts building and picking up power. Leave that to scout/engineers! And there are always at least two who saves up for fuck knows what then quits out instead of depositing power. And everytime I'm equally amazed that the players don't know their roles in horde mode. So let me be clear: -Scout: Pick up power! -Soldier: Kill shit! -Heavy: Kill shit! -Sniper: Kill shit! -Engineer: Build stuff! -Stay around turrets/sentries -Mark turret if you need ammo for it -Deposit power! -Use mics! -Use mics! -Use mics!
  4. one84

    Mod questions

    So let me get this straight, I can start any mod i choose to download, however any character progression i make within this mod does not transfer to my normal gameplay? I.e getting an XM multiplier mod, whatever progress i do within this mod is only valid for that save? https://mods.bethesda.net/#en/workshop/fallout4/mod-detail/1110506 Could someone verify this? Thnx!
  5. I just recently learned that this game won't feature any competitive MP. This is a huge letdown. The MP in Homefront was superb so why not just continue developing it, Crytek? Goddamit.
  6. Wow, you won't last a sec in DZ unfortunately.
  7. The Division is what Destiny was set out to be. Destiny was a big heap of steaming penis.
  8. ...To boost the legend level. If so, hit me up. GT: il dewde
  9. Exactly, no typical "innovative gameplay" and "next gen graphics" - bullshit. Just pure honesty. Alos im swedish, so i got this game anyway..
  10. So i replayed mission 11, 7 times. I got quiet back. It says she's in the brig and not in her usual cage. And i can's choose her as a buddy. Is this suppose to happen or is it glitched?
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