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  1. Haven't watched anything on Netflix in a while but I'll check it out the next time I do.
  2. That sucks so much... On the bright side, I'm assuming you at least cleared a bunch of backlog.
  3. How many achievements did you unlock to get that much? Congrats to Puppys and Ruffus on the win, as well as JewishHulk, Hero of Night, Whisperin Clown and JimbotUk for second and third, respectfully. Sad to say that I wasn't able to unlock Seriously 3.0 during this GSL, but there's always the next one!
  4. You've never played Portal or Portal 2?!?!? How's that possible?
  5. How dare you say a Portal game isn't a quality game! Them's fightin' wurds!
  6. I'll have you know I just got another Onyx and done 62 waves of horde already, thank you very much! I was watching tv so I didn't see your messages last night. Sorry about that.
  7. I don't know if they make turbo controllers for the One but you can try to get one for the 360 and use that. That's what I did. No way would I trade what I have for what I need. Some of those ribbon and multiplayer ones were a pain in the ass. Nothing's quite like switching controllers back and forth to destroy 1,260 enemy grenades or revive 2,100 teammates for hours on end.
  8. Yup. Did those years time ago by idling pretty much 24/7 for an entire month or so. About 15 of the 24 left that I need are kill related ones.
  9. I'd only need about 48k more kills and 400 more waves of horde. That's not a lot, right?
  10. Only played for a little and I already lost the will to try for 3.0. Getting 28 more onyx medals before the end of GSL seems a bit too much. There's just way too much grinding.
  11. That reminds me I still need Seriously 3.0. So if I can unlock that, do I win everything?
  12. So I suppose trying to do it with randoms isn't a good idea. No U.
  13. How the hell are you doing legendary runs? I can't even complete expert lol Need to speed-run through Adventure Time to get two story related achievements and then I can finally uninstall this shit game. *Yes, Carmona, the game sucks*
  14. Doesn't look like any of the achievements are unlocking retroactively for anyone and some people are still having issues unlocking them.
  15. Can't a guy press "F" to pay respects around here?
  16. Yup. I have six or so achievements in Adventure Time that never popped and shows they're locked.
  17. The amount of times I tried to lock on to objects to scan them, only for it to freak out and lock on to everything else but said object, is far too many to count. The aiming and using of weapons is also awful.
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