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  1. I just wanted to wish you and your team good luck in GSL! ;)

  2. I checked it multiple times and your right! Thanks!
  3. another disclaimer? Lol. Longest disclaimer list ever.... . I'll add it to the guide if it becomes more of a problem. I have already submitted the guide for processing.
  4. I don't blame you. I'd give it a few more shots. They have to come up at some point in time.
  5. So Barcelona hasn't shown up anywhere in any of your challenges? In stage 4 there are a ton of challenges. Hit Start then cycle through all of them till you find Barcelona. This and the plymouth method are really the only 2 ways to get this achievement.
  6. The only thing the status does is give you a good idea what the player is without having to look at his stats. The highest stats will determine what status the player is
  7. It was glitched for me for awhile, this is exactly what happened. I signed on early Sunday morning, all news feeds were down. I gave it an hour and put it back in. I had a friend that just started playing the game, and he posted a video. I clicked on it, and the achievement came up. I tried a few other things, but they didn't work.
  8. check out my online tips in the achievement guide. They might or might not help. Make sure your goalie is fully upgraded too. I normally don't pull him out or anything, just let him do his thing.
  9. Thanks for the feedback. I want to make sure this guide is correct 100% before submitting it. So I am going to let it sit for another day or two, just in case something comes up. As far as feedback, I have put a lot of different stuff in here. And have a few questions. Is the guide too wordy? I tried to make it as detailed as possible, but it could be a TLDR (too long didn't read) thing for the Roadmap. I split it up that way if you don't want to read the tips are disclaimers you don't have to, but it gives more detail if you do. What do you guys think?
  10. Nothing prevents you from backing out before the challenge starts. So if FC Barcelona doesn't show up in any of your challenges in Stage 4, then back out and hit the start button at the world map for stage 4 and it will refresh the teams. Then try again. Or you can do the plymouth method, which requires you in start in a different area.
  11. I hope you mean just the world tour. Thats pushing it
  12. I swear I played Barcelona once on my first run through and didn't get it. Just play them again in a street challenge not a tournament. So like 3v3 panna. Just press start to refresh the teams till they show up in stage 4
  13. That's what I don't like about this game, I started in the us and played different venues.. So my stuff is all different. I'll add those to my list when I get home. Thanks!
  14. So, I booted it up today and got the achievement. Try it out
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