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  1. The only thing I have not tried is deleting the save file. Mostly cause I have no idea what information is stored there.
  2. Funny enough the feat did unlock, and when i look at my achievement list it says its 100%. However its still locked. Think i'm going to redo my powers, and see if that works. Worst case one of other six characters i'll make will be another healer. I really do appreciate all the advice and help.
  3. Sadly no go. I'll just wait and see if it unlocks later. Thank you for trying to help.
  4. I've had zero luck trying to find answers online. Has anyone else had achievements not unlock. I just reached level 10 and unlocked the healer role, however that particular achievement never popped. Am I missing something? Thanks.
  5. Yeah, i stopped using the mid-level save points. Had no issues after that.
  6. Once this happened. i just removed deleted the installed game. This however did not help my issue. I went back to the batcave, lost all my progress on that level, and started over. this worked i proceeded to play the rest the game off the disk instead of it being installed. just in case.
  7. So, i deleted my Cache, and installed game. came back, tried again, and it still locked up. i had a mid-point save so i exited the level and started the whole thing again. that seemed to fix it. I've been able to finish the story mode. so, thanks for the help.
  8. So, i've been plowing away at this game all day. Love these Lego games. Well, after i beat the giant thing in chapter 12 my game locks and crashes at the cut scene with batman and robin. So, any one else having this issue. i've reloaded my save and every thing. really dont want to start over again. yes granted they are easy games, but thats taken me most the day to get here.
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