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  1. hey. did you ever get the awards to work? mine are just greyed out and not available to choose...
  2. if someone would pass on hardcore modded gear it would be much appreciated. any character class really. of course I will pass it on after acquiring lvl 70.
  3. I tried both. it makes no difference.
  4. Deals aren't working for me anymore on w8, since a few weeks already. Anybody any idea or expierence with this? It's just always showing full price, and I certainly don't want to buy them for full price, when they are on deal... I click on the deal, where it shows the reduced price in the store, then, when I'm at the game tile to buy it, it goes full price only.
  5. Fully upgraded? You also need to have the level 1 and the level 2 towers at the very end of the stage, not just at one time!!! you need to keep every level of every tower till the very end (like you need to have 1x lvl 1 submachine gun, 1, 1x lvl2 machine gun, 1x lvl3 machine gun1, 1x lvl3 machine gun2, 1x lvl4 machine gun1, 1x lvl4 machine gun2!!! Earlier you said that you did this, but the last post leads me to believe that you in fact not did do this.
  6. yeah, like Jappe said. I don't think it's even possible in stage 13, ressource and time wise to built all these towers. You definitely want to do this in the last stage. Just built your usual killer setup and later on, when you got massive ressources just built all the towers one by one, level by level, so you won't miss anything. Unlocked the first time for me.
  7. ok. already finished it on my own :-) (just writing here helps indeed). What I did was machine guns and I mean machine guns only. (with a few damage boosters).
  8. having serious problems with stage 19... any help on that one?
  9. Stage 14 is a must with air-mine turrets - do not built that homing crap!!! I promise you, they work wonders in this!!!
  10. ok. So stage 18 again! that setup sadly didn't work for me! However, I still managed to do it, with my own improved setup: first, making the enemies go the long road, like in the video you linked to. but then I only placed towers up top before that destroyable brick: all gun towers with one laser, one flame and two thor x right before the brick, a damage booster in the middle. an air-mine at the spawn of the air enemies. that setup took care of everything.
  11. those two replies will come in handy for the two stages later today :-) just a word considering the AA-turrets: my experience is that AA-Mine turrets are a million times stronger than homing device turrets. Usually only one fully upgraded mine turret at a specific point kills everything off, even flying boss ships.
  12. ok. LVL 18 - Back Deck. I tried different strategies for hours. nothing works. What worked best so far was to cluster the area in front of the destroyable brick with rayguns. But the enemies will get through around wave 20 and then I'm done for. Building in the 'inside' area (like that guy in the videos does) doesn't seem to work (since flame throwers are weaker compared to the steam version). Got all other levels up to that one... and am completely out of ideas with this stage.
  13. thanks, but already finished it with hardcore and all - simply only built lvl3 machine guns - worked very well for this - last wave I just clustered everything with guns, so the bosses had to push their way through^^. right now on stage 14 - so far I got everything hardcore and no ether use and no damage! I just never ever used ether from the get-go, I think that way you get better at learning a useful strategies.
  14. currently stuck on underground city 2. That level totally sucks. edit: managed to do it: hardcore, no ether use etc. This level: lvl3 Gun Towers only!!! - no flame towers, they are of no use in this!
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