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    psn id : lxsyphonsaberlxl

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  1. Looking to boost all Halo 4 DLC achievements and Heroic COOP I have 4 controllers. GT: Saberwolf00747
  2. looking to boost backseat driver / rank achievements GT: saberwolf00747
  3. looking to get spreading the disease . gt: saberwolf00747
  4. Looking to do all multiplayer achievements, including all DLC and coop gt: saberwolf00747
  5. looking to boost all multiplayer achievements including all DLC achievements GT: saberwolf00747
  6. I think the achievement glitched on me. i have over 100 win on player matches and no achievement. Does anyone know a solution?
  7. still looking to boost the 100 wins achievement gt:saberwolf00747
  8. looking to boost all multiplayer achievements including all DLC achievements gt: saberwolf00747
  9. still looking for a dedicated boosting partner for the 100 wins achievement i have about half so far gt:saberwolf00747
  10. i have the same problem the dlc doesnt even show up in my HD I had the dlc originally but deleted it because it kept freezing after a certain point and havent been able to redownload it since
  11. cant seem to find the chevy fleetmaster convertible and the oldsmobile 298 convertible despite the guide saying they are common in their respective spawn zones
  12. Looking to boost the 100 wins achievement Gt: saberwolf00747
  13. looking to do original non dlc spec ops achievements gt:saberwolf00747
  14. looking to do all spec ops achievements including the DLC maps gt: saberwolf00747
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