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  1. https://www.xboxachievements.com/news/news-36053-This-Week-s-Deals-with-Gold-Include-BioShock--The-Collection--Little-Nightmares---Dying-Light.html
  2. Just used this guide again for the PS4 version. Still holds up. Much appreciated.
  3. Great guide. Thanks again. Just used it on the PS4.
  4. This is really a top notch guide. Thanks.
  5. Excellent guide as always. I’ve now used it for both the XBox and PS4 versions of this fantastic game. Much appreciated.
  6. Just used this guide again while playing on the PS4. It is still a top notch guide. Helped me once again.
  7. Great guide. Just used it again on the PS4. Thanks.
  8. This is an excellent guide. Much appreciated.
  9. This is an excellent post. Thanks a lot.
  10. Nice. I’m actually playing it on the PS4 right now and earning the trophies. I forgot that the complete edition on the XBox One had a separate achievement list than the regular version. So that just means that I will likely play it my third time on the Xbox next summer. I always need something to play around this time of year. It’s so barren.
  11. Just had to thank you for the guide again. Excellent work. Just used it for a second time.
  12. Excellent guide. Had to say so again. I just used it for the game of the year edition on the PS4. I’ll probably use it again in a year or two when I play it again on the Xbox. Well done.
  13. I’m sure I’m not saying anything profound here but isn’t this example always possible when playing Texas Hold em? If there is a 5 in the community cards and each player has one 5 in their personal cards there would technically be 3 pairs of 5’s but only four 5’s in play. Is this right?
  14. This is awesome. I plan to use this on my second playthrough. Thanks!
  15. Thanks for the responses guys. I often forget about the PowerPyx guides even through I have used them many times and as recently as RD2. I agree with you guys in the 3 missable achievements and not the 14. It is nice when games have chapter select.
  16. Hello all. I plan to start this game tonight and I was curious how many (if any) of the achievements are missable? I know the game hasn’t been out long and there is no guide yet, so info may still be limited. If I discover any while playing, I will post them here.
  17. I can’t remember exactly why at the moment but I gave that one a 4/5 even with using the reloading method. So, I’d imagine it is even a bit tougher using replay.
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