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  1. Yeah, it has. It's weird seeing those numbers in the conversation getting higher and higher. There was a GSL thread that was posted a little bit ago that really got me down memory lane. Not sure if you saw that or not. Glad to hear youre doing well, buddy.

  2. Daaaaang thanks man, its been too long. Hope you're doing well on your side of the world. Still doing the deployment thing! Believe it or not, I'm always wondering what you're up to nowadays so its great to hear from you. Thanks for reaching out to me.

  3. Happy Birthday buddy!

  4. Haha, I always love the image of "old" Ryot. You used to say that years ago, too. You have always been old. Miss ya buddy
  5. Join us for GSL 2020 Duos! Link

  6. I find a solution. Whether or not they added the ability to download all the DLCs now via Xbox.com. This was how I am playing them now. I couldn't ever find Dragon Age Origins on the Xbox One marketplace since its 360 based. All the DLCs are available on Xbox.com and work via backwards compatibilty. No disc required.
  7. I know this is older, but I'm curious...is there a way to play the DLC on Xbox One without having the Ultimate edition disc? I'm looking online to see if its possible and I'm finding people were having trouble even with the disc. Cheers.
  8. Gt: Yunderstand Game: Monster Hunter: World
  9. Gt: YUNDERSTAND Game: Monster Hunter: World Thank ya'll!
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