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  1. Anyone else have this? For a whole week now I can not access whatever games are on sale/free. The box is not there on the desktop, its either a blank spaces or a stupid one about "meet gamers" and is about groups... Everybody else I know still has access to the games on gold but I can't find it anywhere anymore? I still have 10 months Gold and haven't let it expire in well over 5 years.
  2. So today I ran into an issue with Halo Master Chief Collection. I turned my Xbox on and the game wasn't available to play, it was queued and told me it needed to be installed, despite the fact we were on it last night. I had the same issue twice with this game in the past. Uninstall/Reinstall always fixed it... except this time. This time the disc gets about 50% of the way and stops. It then says the disc may be damaged or dirty (it's not, it's absolutely pristine). I then tried offline without the update, still froze, this time at 31%. So I then tried to install JUST the patch which is purely online and has no disc involvement. That also stops at varying places. I've done hard resets, i've unplugged my external drive, tried both the internal and external and run every test. MCC will not install either the disc (unrelated to potential internet issues) OR the patch (ruling out the disc being the issue). I have then tested other discs and other internet installations, every other game installs lightning fast with no problems. So it isn't the internet, isn't the hard drives, isn't the disc and isn't the disc drive... Any other ideas on why only this game ALWAYS plays up and randomly uninstalls itself then won't install?
  3. I've pretty much given up with Kinect as I can never use it. If I'm in a Skype call it'll randomly just drop out, turn on, drop out. When I try turn the xbox on or off via voice, most of the time it doesn't listen as it's turned itself off again and its the same when gaming. I have tried a hard reset, fixes it for a minute or two and then continues. I have removed the plug from a surge protector and have it in a wall socket, no change. I have re-configured it, no change. I have unplugged the entire system, reset it up... no change. Anyone else having constant issues with theirs? It used to work absolutely fine and now just does what it wants?
  4. So am I the only person who owns dozens of these games digitally and has not one title appearing in my install list? I have the new update but seemingly no backwards compatibility? :/
  5. Typical, I find this solution after 4 hours of being screwed by the opponent hiding in the corner and java won't work (despite being updated) on Firefox, IE, Opera OR Chrome... wtf.
  6. Well the $500,000 in lost sales, pre-order drops and petitions against it so far, suggests I'm not the only one. It just seems a shame that the social aspect of gaming is dead and now we all have to sit alone, playing with people over the internet and talking a microphone. There are almost no good titles left where you can have a mate over, you have to tell them to go home to be able to play... MCC is hardly fine. The collision detection on Halo 2/3 is shocking and spawning is awful due to the use of the PC edition of Halo 2 (which was abandoned originally due to these issues). It's not so noticible on Slayer, but games like SWAT that require speed and accurary, it becomes hell, only Halo 4 is playable while Halo 3 is 50/50 and 2 is just not worth even playing.
  7. Quite surprised I haven't seen this epic shitstorm all over this forum yet? Halo has always been my go to "we can play Halo?" when my brothers are visiting me and the mrs and we need to find a 4 player game. It's also THE game my fiancee wants to play with me daily, both SWAT and Campaigns... so the fact Halo 5 is only one player per console, has this affected anyone elses purchase? Also what has replaced it for your 'couch co-op' fix this year? I have cancelled my pre-order personally. I have Fallout 4 for solo gaming and looks to be Battlefront for co-op now. Really gutted as Halo 5 was a key factor in my decision to buy Xbox One, along with the awful Master Chief Collection, which online is essentially Halo 4 with a bunch of half broken first trilogy titles.
  8. Had the same issue with my fiancee, it kinda killed Chariot for us. I'd recommend Tomb Raiders 4 player co-op game (I forget the subtitle) but that has achievements for both and she loves it.
  9. Just a bit of fun, no need for anyone to get TOO serious with it, but playing a lot of retro games lately has me wondering; If you had the cash, entered the console wars, what franchises would you revive (that aren't obviously owned by Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo. I'm sure SEGA/Atari etc would sell up or produce a reboot if the cash was there). Or tv shows/movies you'd snap up the rights to? To prevent huuuge lists, just pick five to launch your system. Remember it can't be an active franchise i.e. FIFA, COD, Halo etc, give it at least 10 years for existing game revivals (unless the company went bankrupt etc and the game is officially dead) 1. Shenmue: Sega have said several times that if someone bought the exclusive rights, theyd produce the third. Hell i'd settle for 1 and 2 on the Xbox in Japanese with English subs and zero updating, so anything else would be awesome. 2. Dino Crisis: Always felt this had huge potential and was just messed up by the quirkyness that tends to happen when the Japanese try to emulate American stuff. 3. The Expendables: This would sell on name recognition alone, add in a proper engine like COD, Battlefield etc and this could be huge. 4. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 3: To get this exclusive would be pretty huge. 5. Alex Kidd: Yeah I doubt this would be a huge seller, but I'd love an updated sequel to aim at kids and retro gamers alike. Alex was my first real game and still hold a soft spot for Miracle World.
  10. Not sure what else is out this month tbh, but nothing on that list interests me at all. I MAY pick up Borderlands, as I never got around to playing more than 2 hours of the original and never played the others, but won't be anytime soon. The free games with gold has actually drastically reduced my spending, I end up with such a large backlog, I just don't buy much anymore lol
  11. Yeah thats normal. I've used them for years now, never had a single problem.
  12. I LOVE this. As a hardcore completionist of the Fallout franchise. I'm surprised this wasn't added to New Vegas. With hardcore mode (not being able to carry much) and the risk of being raided in less secure safehouses, it'd make for real tense gaming. Turning back up in the abandoned farmhouse you left your stash, and the original owners are home and are a bunch of badasses you can't handle, looting your gear haha. But all you have left on you are several bullets and a knife, because your supplies are with them. Would be tense haha
  13. Anyone else baffled by the gigantic backwards step Xbox One took after 360's Party/Invite feature? Playing FIFA 15 has been a chore, i'll invite a friend, he'll hold the middle button and it'll either not bring him into the game or will bring him to a menu where all he can do is then invite me also. Othertimes the controller will simply turn off. Or it'll bring him in about 5 minutes after he presses it. Had the same issues trying to get into Plants vs Zombies and Crimson Dragon. It'll make out one of us in the party isn't playing a game (when we are) or won't transport you in etc. Why is there not a stored notification? I missed a party invite yesterday, I searched EVERYWHERE to get into the party afterwards and no luck. Even the "join" part on his party was blanked out. He had to send SEVEN invites before it let me in. Why doesn't it store the notification like 360 did in your messages, allowing you to finish what you're doing and then join? Different people, games, days and the same issue. Surely they're aware of how broken it is?
  14. I feel The 100 (tv series) and Expendables (movie franchise) would be prime for gaming. Nobody in The 100 is a huge star, so any necessary voiceovers wouldn't be too expensive and it'd be so easy to write a story in so many different timeframes, either as a grounder, a mountain man, one of the 100 etc. Expendables would be such money. Don't base it on a movie, make it a whole new mission, hell make it a rookie squad of Expendables if the mega stars want too much money. Just at least have some cameos or have Stallone train you as his future replacement, leading a B Squad? How COD haven't reskinned their game, changed some features and milked the franchise is beyond me.
  15. This is how I feel its being forced. Me and my fiancee will end up sat in seperate rooms on seperate consoles like loners, rather than being able to enjoy each others company and play. Oh I know that, but the barren wasteland of local multiplayer games that have the ability for us BOTH to get achievements and progress in a save on Xbox One was the issue. Developers are neglecting it massively, for no real reason. Plants vs Zombies is one of the worst, they heavily promote its local co-op and then punish player two for playing (no level up, no achievements, no save, no progress, no coins to buy new card packs... oh but the cards you have to use in these games DO vanish). Surely simply having co-op as a game that doesn't affect your cards and earns no coins would've prevented boosting better? Exactly how I feel. People are encouraged to sit alone and talk down microphones, rather than interact with friends, family and partners? #IDARB I will definitely try again. I gave it a quick couple of matches but then saw the title hadn't appeared in my achievement list, so figured it had no achievements?
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