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  1. gonna be an achievement guide for this game anytime soon? seems really easy considering you can complete the game in under 4mins
  2. hated on this site so never gonna win but what the hell xNSHD Prey
  3. looking for 4 more people to boost on paladins right now got 6 in a party now if your interested message me on xbl right now xNSHD
  4. Now that the game of the year edition is out today does anyone no if the game of the year verision of the game has a seperate achievement list like how the witcher 3 shadow of mordor and others have?
  5. Is there an achievement guide coming for this game does anyone know.
  6. Thanks diesel thats what im looking for.
  7. I see most are straightforward in what to do but I would like some info on them like the fastest way to do them. For example fastest way to get gold or fastest way to build relationships etc. That's what I was hopin for in a guide.
  8. Anyone working on an achievement guide for this game?
  9. If you need help with dark souls 3 message me on xbox ive already 1000g dark souls 3 myself but id be more than happy to help you get through the game if your in need of any help. Message me on xbl if you want me to help out xNSHD
  10. Doesnt make sense why they bothered with bloodborne then. Im aware dark souls hasnt had dlc achievements ever. But after bloodborne I thought maybe they will be adding achievements to dlc in future games.
  11. I got the dlc early though the store bug and ive noticed there doesnt seem to be any new achievements for this dlc. Does anyone no if they have seen new achievements for the dlc anywhere? I assumed it would have some as bloodborne the old hunters dlc added new trophies to that game.
  12. Looking for coop partner for gears midnight launch tonight uk time to play story and maybe some coop. Message me on xbox if interested xNSHD
  13. Yes. I have all fires lit. Ticked off the node in the book. Ive equiped them all and even did the trick from vanilla destiny where you log out and back in to get achievements to pop and still nothing.
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