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  1. Yeah, I kind of agree with the "immortal companion" idea, hate to have your partner KIA then carrying all the loots from him/her all by myself out of a bloody building.
  2. I really hope the it worth the wait, and I certainly hope it's doesn't require internet connection. As a Tour Guide, I'm constantly on the road so wifi is not always available.
  3. It was the best DLC among fours in my opinion with tons of cool stuff.
  4. In my own opinion, this was the best DLC among the fours. I just hate the guy Ulysses.
  5. This CARAVAN game is so easy, just watch the tutorial, when you get a hang of it, you win almost every time.
  6. If you're having a hard time with them meaning you're just not strong enough for that Q level. Besides, having ED-E and someone like Veronica/Boone/Cassidy might help.
  7. The non-human race companions in NV are so freaking useless, I never used them at all. And I think the only possible way for your companion to die permanently is to play the game in Hardcore Mode. If you hate them that much just recruit them and take 'em to Death-claw Promontory.
  8. Lonesome Road has most of the cool items so I personally would play it first. Then whatever next, I'll make sure to play Dead Money after Old World Blues to get the perk in order to be immune to poisonous gas in Dead Money.
  9. NOVAC always for me, it's easy to access and just one door to load. LUCKY 38, no way.
  10. It's absolutely worth it, this and the GOTY edition of FO3. I still remember how annoying it was to find out you have to connect to XL to play the DLC in FO3 if you purchase them separately especially when I got my 1st X360 banned.
  11. Elite Riot Gear from Lonesome Road.
  12. Definitely will try this as I always want more companion to help me carry loot, it's hard to leave anything behind. I'm planning on replaying NV to keep up the hype for FO4 anyway. Hope it's still work.
  13. I love both and I think ppl should have both. It's hard to think of how you would not like one if you've already felt in love with the other. But from my experience, it's better to play them as the order of how they were released. It's feel so limited to what you can do in FO3 after playing NV. But in general, both are great.
  14. Well, I finish the game at least twice and everytime I play it, I just read the falloutwikia for details in order not to miss out any especially unique items and glitch/bugs to avoid.
  15. None of the FF games are related to other as far as I know from my experience (7,8,9,10,12) but if I had seen this sooner, I'd suggested you not to waste your time on this, worst FF I ever played.
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