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  1. i went though 3 after that im done with em each had the grips bubble or peel
  2. anyone else having this issue ive downloaded it a few times each time its just shows the gameloft log then crashes help ?
  3. i killed runt didint get the achievement wtf?
  4. same issue happend to me just now was at 289k now its 269k wtf the fuck same shit 0/1000 but when i view the games achivment s there all there
  5. Shotguns r op. War mode i agree with others it bad and good but it doesn't work in small maps size.quickscopeing is still there wich sucks and they need to get rid of p2p conection and go dedicated
  6. just bought dark void on sale but its not showing up in ready to install and its a bc game help anyone ?
  7. Everytime i login i get 2k cash from faction spoils now but in game menu sais i should recive around 111k happens few mins after i get the 2k anyone know why
  8. I get disabling acheivments for thing that make getting em easier but not for skins etc thsts just stupid
  9. I think its flawed my mate, got 1 day ban and all he wrote was nice lag switch in a meesage becuase he was pissed off it obvious he ass using one he said nothing bad but got a 1 day ban
  10. i have finished the main story quests but now for some reason Preston and is crew are hold up in the museum of freedom and wont leave but i can still get quests from Preston but they stay there and dont anything anyone else have this issue
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