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  1. Hi all, I'm missing one collectible in the asylum so I want to go back there before I do the last investigation, but I cannot for the life of me figure out where it was. Can anyone help guide me? Thanks!
  2. So I have all achievements bar the one for defeating all nightmares (somehow), and the only thing I can think I may have missed is the horse since there weren't too many. I've done stacks of challenges and nothing. Please tell me someone knows where to find the damn things! Thanks in advance.
  3. Can you do this and change to the hardest difficulty at the very end of the level for it to count? Anyone know this?
  4. Just wondering whether or should start straight on hard and do my collectible run there, or is it pretty damn hard?
  5. Looking for 2 more people for the 4 played infestation achievement. Me and a mate online right now for the next probably 4/5 hours. GT: LegendIsReal
  6. Hi all, Desparate to get this Play Date achievement done and having trouble finding anyone. If there are other people who are in need/wiling to help, please send me a friend request and sign up. EDIT: Never mind, all done.
  7. EDIT: done. Thanks to KROB4545 for the help.
  8. Hi! Still need more for Tiger 13? I'm looking to do Play Date and Little Tiger Big Bite.

    GT: LegendIsReal

  9. I ended up getting it, and it looks like the servers are up. If you'd be keen to boost the MP chievs feel free to send me a friend request GT: LegendIsReal
  10. Hi All, So I've been playing through Tiger Woods PGA 14 and loving it. I've been considering picking up 13 since it's really cheap now and there won't be a 15 to look forward to, but I have a few questions. I assume the servers are all still up since it's not that old yet, but are there still people playing/wanting to boost the online achievements? (I haven't had a real good look at them to see if any require others, to be honest) Is it a good game? Is it worth my spending $29AUS (for comparison PGA 14 is $79, so quite a lot cheaper)? Anything else I should know about the game to sway my purchase one way or the other? Thanks in advance =).
  11. I haven't had an update... It's now 8:20pm Tuesday night here in Australia so it's definitely hit Monday for the US... Anyone else received/not received anything?
  12. So when you say go to your country club, can you just select it from the menu, go in, back out and that's it? Do you have to actually play anything within the club?
  13. Hi all! I'm wondering about Frequent Flyer, I can't seem to get it. Is there anything in particular you're meant to do? I keep reading that you just need to sign in every day for 5 days, I've done that, and I've not ever got it. Do I need to go into any particular modes or anything? It's driving me nuts! Thanks in advance all!
  14. I've had no luck getting this, can I get some help pleeeease? I'll be on for the next 6 or so hours, would appreciate any and all help. GT: LegendIsReal EDIT: Got it, but I know it can be a pain in the ass, so if people still need help feel free to give me a shout and I'll help out if I'm on and not in the middle of a game.
  15. I want in guys =) GT: LegendIsReal, add me and whenever I'm on I'm happy to jump in, I understand it will only take 30 seconds, very keen to get this since I have no friends playing it. Thanks!
  16. A friend and I looking to do DLC multiplayer chievs, hit me up gt: LegendIsReal
  17. A friend and I looking to get the online chievs, and the 5 tactical locations in one chopper achievement, if possible to get 2 more people that would be rad! GT: LegendIsReal
  18. Just out of curiosity, what's the required XP to hit level 50? Thanks!
  19. Fantastic work so far Tyger, appreciate your work man.
  20. Hey all, is it possible to get all the stars on Insane without having to do declassified missions? The lack of a timer and those stupid vision impaired ones would make it so much easier. Thanks in advance =)
  21. Whether or not this disturbed you, scared you etc etc, you gotta admit that this DLC was more creepy/horror/what have you than the entirety of the on disc campaign.
  22. Anyone able to help with the heaven can wait chiev? Willing to help back. GT: LegendIsReal. Thanks in advance =) All done now, thanks guys
  23. Thanks =) Saves me running around looking at least.
  24. Hi all, I've finished the game and am probably short by about 2 or 3 kills for Deadeye (10 zipline kills). Can anyone recommend a good spot to go back to to get these? Thanks!
  25. Anyone at all keen to boost the online? Send me a message, even if I'm not online at the time, I'll be on at some point and we can hit it up. GT: LegendIsReal
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