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  1. My game glitched hard, TEN different artifact collections are missing items despite collecting everything. I will be ticked off if this isn't a retroactive fix. I clearly have 100% in every area of the map, how hard is it to grant me every artifact I'm missing because I clearly should have them? Yeah I'm not a programmer or anything but come on.
  2. Not really ... they're just there why the characters talk. They don't lift up the cans and go "buy this!".
  3. It's not their fault. It's because of Microsoft. Something to do with their systems makes it so some USB stuff only works on that system. With Disney Infinity, the Playstation and Nintendo bases all work interchangably. But the 360 and Xbox One bases are for that specific console only. I assume it's the same with Dimensions.
  4. I'm stuck here too but no second controller means I can't do anything Edit: So I ended up deleting the game, disconnecting from Live so no update, and I also did every part of the level (not skipping anything using powers) and it finally let me continue to the next area.
  5. Definitely one of the better LEGO games. I'm enjoying the little touches like being able to see the character abilities for each character when you switch to them. They used the license well, driving around the island in the classic JP jeep is great.
  6. I think the DLCs by themselves are fun, well built and add some cool new weapons, missions and challenges. But once you add their price point in there's definitely an issue. Probably should have been $5 each for the amount of content. I got the game bundled with my Xbone so I'm not too miffed, basically only spent the $20 on the season pass for the whole shebang.
  7. Yep this is it. I was able to buy both of the new amps the minute I could buy amps in the DLC, without touching a single collectible. If you collected the 20 from DLC1 the game seems to glitch and act like you collected the new ones automatically.
  8. The have it listed as a Title Update for site calculations and user options. I believe TA calculates title updates and DLC differently (since title updates can be done by everyone, DLC requires additional purchase). Also users can change their settings to include "Only DLC I own". If someone had that setting on and got that achievement, it would count the DLC as being owned for them when they don't.
  9. The Most Punchable Face 30:gsicon: Defeat Brandon. Like, for real. Lol @ this one! Looks like this DLC might get a little meta ...
  10. Level 1-2 - the final blood bottle isn't there for me at all. Anyone else have this problem?
  11. Bizarro World DLC does include achievements on 360. But there's a glitch happening, one that's happened with multiple games before going back years now. Basically, the achievement data is included in the DLC so if you download it, you see the new achievements "locally" in your achievement list. But they aren't on Xbox.com or on MS's servers. So they won't add to your gamerscore and no one can see them online. You'll want to avoid playing the level for now until it's fixed because otherwise you have to delete your profile and re-download to clear out these "ghost" achievements and re-earn them. Hopefully it doesn't take long, but I've seen one game go 11 months before this glitch was fixed. I'm trying to talk to their support on Twitter, hopefully someone has some clue what I'm talking about and can pass it along to the person in charge of this kind of stuff.
  12. Is it just me or are there no achievements for the new DLC for the 360 version? Edit: Just downloaded the DLC. The achievements are there locally but not on Xbox.com. Guess I'll just have to wait for MS to fix it.
  13. Mine popped up too, with a timestamp of November 26th 2014 ... You also get an unlockable outfit for collecting all 12.
  14. If you're like me and already collected these before this update, looks the achievement will be stuck on "Done! Unlocking" for who knows how long.
  15. Much easier than the Downtown achievement for sure. The only tough part is still the Wingers. I saw someone using a Charge Beam and they were killing them real quick, so bring one if you have it. And if you have the Propain Launcher, there's a mission where you have to kill 30 Herkers that will be a cakewalk with it.
  16. If you can only buy one, get the Hair Spray Bomb ... it's life changing.
  17. I personally use: Hair Spray Bomb + Second Amendment - The most important, I use this 90% of the time Pulse Mine + Twist of Fate - Great for any defense parts, including the end. Just throw one or two at the thing that needs defending Turret Copter - Nice to throw a few of these out to defend an area Freezer Bomb - Gives you some breathing room by stopping enemies, especially good for Herkers Shield Buddy if you have the DLC - Giving yourself and your teammates a shield is an obvious benefit, but the blast effect is killed if you're surrounded by OD I like the Health Regen, Single Shot Ammo, Single Shot Damage, Weapon Damage Sacrifice, And Quick Style Level 3 overdrives.
  18. There are 3 key things to make collectibles not a bad thing in my book. 1. Make them not too difficult to find or have in-game assistance to locate them (ex. maps). 2. Make getting them as unobtrusive/enjoyable as possible (no missables, easy to get). 3. Make them actually useful or interesting, not just a pointless pickup that does nothing. Sunset Overdrive satisfies all 3. Purchasable in-game maps, and by virtue of the awesome traversal system, getting the collectibles is simple and fun. And they unlock perks, unlockables and some extra info.
  19. I leveled it up no problem on the band mission. Just jump in the middle of a group of OD and pop a shield, you'll kill everyone.
  20. I recommend giving the Shield Buddy a second look. Not only is the shield nice by itself (and shields anyone nearby in multiplayer), but the blast effect is great for killing crowds and even Fizzco bots.
  21. There's a separate download you need installed for the weapons, it's free if you have the season pass.
  22. My point is pretty much the same whether it's people being bad or standing around ... And absolutely not, the challenges aren't trial and error at all. You sound like you don't really know what that means.
  23. Sounds pretty cool, but I'll be shocked if Floyd doesn't win!
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