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  1. 13 faults 3.37ish It is pretty difficult but very enjoyable
  2. I'd probably be the fluffer, the Vengaboys are money
  3. Would you rather be The Vengaboys' fluffer for their 1998 sell out 60 date Eastern European tour or listen to (It's Time to) Beat Dat Beat by DJ Pauly D for everytime someone dresses up as 'The Situation' for Halloween. http://s11.allstarpics.net/images/orig/n/4/n4up70978mqspu0s.jpg also you have to dick
  4. A lot of strange choices here, hope people are trolling! Noone has mentioned Guru, AZ, MF Doom, Slick Rick, Big L I wouldnt class Lil Wayne as a rapper anymore [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMvt4XAexPs&feature=related]Lil Wayne Guitar Solo??? You be the Judge - YouTube[/ame]
  5. Does anybody else wrap themselves up in their duvet at night and pretend to be a hotdog?
  6. No offense to Kerry but specifically Wicklow, Ireland never had anything. The west of ireland does have the odd flood but the east is fine. Just has shitty cold/wet weather all the time. No animals whatsoever
  7. Appreciate the birthday wish, thanks.

    I really haven't been on the forums all that much just lurking the front page.

    I will try get back into there really isn't any community out there like it

  8. Happy Birthday man! How have you been?

  9. Lol, knew it. Big question though Google+ or Facebook...?
  10. Hmmm, wondering if OP made this just to boast about being on Google+ or actually cares about everyone... Well since you asked: Facebook This Reddit
  11. yeah her internet back in the 40's must of been quite fast. It would have been nice if rockstar had made a story about her being murdered and when you rang up on those small blue boxes you got a dial tone. one can only hope anyway
  12. I wonder are the perks stackable? 15 kills is a lot for a chopper gunner
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