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  1. Does anyone know if the online matches can be boosted? If so, does someone wanna work the 100 matches winning 50 each?
  2. Hi folks, The "full refund (kill a thief that mugged you)" is the last online achievement that I need. I've pm'd a few players while ive been online but no one seems to want to help - can anyone lend a hand? Willing to repay if anyone else needs it! Cheers.
  3. Just added a session to take place tomorrow (sunday) afternoon GMT to do with EMP section of the Humane Raid Heist. If anyone has done this already and has experience,a microphone and is willing to help/lead I would be very greatfull as I'm really stuck on it!!
  4. Lookin to add someone/couple of folk that wouldn't mind helping out when it comes to fulfilling the daily objectives to collect a bounty, impromptu race (basically the ones that need another human player to comply). Its pretty infuriating trying to get these ones sometimes so would be nice to have someone/couple to call on just to quickly join a closed session and pop them off. I also need to get some of the other online achievements such as survive 24 hours, kill a thief so if you wanted to boost anything like that with me, I'm more than happy to return the favour. If you've got some extra extra time on your hand, we could could even knock out the 5 sets tennis match!! Ooooohhhh!!! Drop me a message/FR on XBL - ashleyleary Casual Gamer - 30mins/1hr a night, couple hours at the weekend GMT UK - Usually on mid evening.
  5. Hi folks, Been tracking my awards as I'm sure everyone does and I've noticed that some of them aren't updating. For instance, things like "headshots" and "kills with a pistol" don't increase even though I've tried shooting NPC's (police, random street dwellings and bots in survival) as well as human players in sort of general open world play, using the pistol and bossing the head shots and getting nowhere. Odd thing is, I have some progress on them so I'm not sure what I've done or why its just stopped increasing. I can't remember many specific ones that are still increasing, but I know that the lap-dance one goes up as I ground out the platinum one yesterday - that one came as expected (puns a plenty in that paragraph...) Is this something that has occurred with other users? Can anyone offer any insight? Cheers.
  6. Hi folks, I need a hand with the Humane research and labs heist, specifically part 5 where you have to quietly leave the 4x4 with the EMP at the lab. I don't have a microphone but am more than willing to listen to someone guide through it if they know what they are doing or if there are a couple who know the way to do it, to just make up the numbers and/or drive the vehicles. GMT On holiday this week and next so looking to get it done asap really - day time if possible, not really a night player much anymore. Pm me if you want to discuss. GT: ashleyleary
  7. This truly sucks dude. I was one of the lucky ones who manage to get this achievement without spending too much money (ended up buying about £40 worth of MSPoints out of frustration). I've been checking the IF thread every two/three days to see how you and guys like mjstokes, morbido etc were going on, people like you say above play every fifa and complete every fifa year in year out, for EA to pull the plug on it truly sucks. Why didn't they just flood the market with IF's! They've made their money with '13, they'll make just as much with '14, and to add insult to injury, they take out the achievement for '14 surely realising how much people hate it. Bad move EA. Chin up mate.
  8. I'm done with FIFA 13 mate, 1k'd it a while back. I'm sure i'll be on the hunt for '14 buddies in a few months
  9. Hey man, You can do these yourself, you don't need a second player as stated in the guide. Obviously its quicker to boost them with a mate, but just saying you don't need a second player
  10. Still looking to set up a boosting group for this game, ideally for the escalation and data miner levels. Add your name to the list, once we've filled 6 slots we'll sort a time. 1.ashleyleary 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  11. You can track this one in your agent stats dude, mine came naturally through playing multiplayer. I thought it would take ages to get but popped after about 7 hours for me.
  12. Ultimate team trading carries on for a while as well so you'll be able to get your team upto 85million. I'm not sure about the 25 EAS FC match day games. This ones been a bit hit and miss with players regardless of the season ending. I guess it'll go one of two ways but as a lot of people were noting that the match day updates seemed to 'reset' their counters, it could become easier to get with no match day updates. I'd be inclined to grind out those 25 matches out before your single player ones.
  13. If anyone wants to add me and donate eggs, id be very greatful. Will return what I can if you pm me after a donation. Origin is - ashleary
  14. Still looking to boost the following achievements on this: Hold the line: Win a data miner match without getting killed. Disarmed and dangerous: Demote an enemy who has the RPG Return to sender: In bomb defuse, disarm the bomb and replant it without getting killed. There are pretty much no randoms that go in this mode so if folks are up for a session, I don't mind doing the friend requests, adds etc I think we need 6 to cover all the modes (some might need 4, i'm not 100% sure) Anyone keen?
  15. Hopefully should be gettin this through the mail today, gonna jump straight on multiplayer and try and get them ground out. Will add/accept friends from here to get on with it. Edit: looks like people only ever play team conflict. Boosting other modes for the achievements should be easy (I hope) Msg me and we'll get them done.
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