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  1. I'm halfway through it. A lot of The dialog is cringe worthy. This goes for everyone, Shepard included. The story seems to be a rejected die hard script written by the 6 year old child of one of the production crew members that was edited so that names were changed to those in the mass effect universe. Bioware may have written it to be ironic and tongue in cheek, but it's far too serious to even remotely give off that impression. Given that they didn't bug test it at all (you know there was no quality control when cutscenes are buggy), I'd say this dlc is worth 560 msp at most. I do however like the IDEA of the new squad mates you get. Too bad they fall victim to the putrid writing that brings down everything else. 5/10
  2. agentnnc

    Should I ?

    I did it and to top it off I hate buying digital copies of console games. It's a great deal for $5. No regrets.
  3. Wouldn't happen but I would want a legitimate Super Sonic level.
  4. Do you know how much I've read for the granny rags question? It's fucking ridiculous. I get a lot about her and some other guy but nothing on the poisoning of the brewery. Hey, here's something: the time it took you to answer my question was the same amount of time it would have taken to write your post!
  5. I just started the game and I'm going for a no kills/stealth/good ending. I'm on the first mission where you help granny and she wants me to poison a brewery. Will this count as kills? Are there any specific things I want to watch out for while doing this playthrough (ie one specific choice will prevent a no kills playthrough because X character will die)? Please try keeping the thread spoiler free. Thanks.
  6. I've included your video on Bottle rocket spamming. I skimmed over it and the annotations seem to do what the title says it does. Added. However, I don't think your other strategy is necessary (read as: I'm too busy right now with studying to watch the video and write up a decent paragraph on how it works before attaching the video). Thanks for your contribution!
  7. Generally speaking Shout is the hardest one but it varies from person to person. I suggest saving it for last because you really do need experience on managing the lanes before tackling it.
  8. Generally speaking on the songs in the guide that use jackpot you use it when it's safe but mainly aim for max multipliers and then pretty much disregard all else during the final few checkpoints.
  9. I got my last gold stars on so far away. I don't think there's anything more to add unless someone finds more accurate point cutoffs (which these are pretty close). If anyone else wants to add information post away and I'll add it next time I log in, but I feel the guide is complete.
  10. I've updated the guide with all of the suggestions. I also included the video of Shout as I found it to be a great model for beating it. I got gold on my second try after watching the video (so 4 tries total). I also added in strategies for moves like jagger (I forgot to write them in when I originally gold starred the song). I also did some cleaning to make alternate strategies easier to see. Also, how is this guide not stickied when the achievement guide is?
  11. I made the changes in my notepad document. Next time I update the guide they'll be in the right order and have the full names.
  12. Any tips I can add to the guide? It seems quite a few people are struggling with it.
  13. Well damn, that stings. I'll change it to the lowest value I have in my friends list on RBW.
  14. Care to share how you got it? The current strategy isn't working for me. I managed 440 but that's still pretty far off.
  15. I just got gold on Diamond Eyes and updated to guide to help max out points. I haven't gold starred the rest but go up a few posts and you'll find a video of someone GSing shout.
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