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    Right after the achievement "out for justice" pops up, on chapt 13 i think, all its telling me to do now is rob stores or sell cars. Ive been roaming around for 30mins doing that and nothing else going on, has it glitched cuz ive restarted as well? and ive got over the 55k to pay back the dude
  2. http://www.365games.co.uk, paid £39.99 delivered, an there based in uk so got in nxt day
  3. oh boo mofo hoo Buddha, quit your whining, the developers prob left in the glitch knowing we would find it cuz they knew how irritating some of the races are. its not cheating at all, if u dnt like it f off.
  4. is it def region free then? Cuz i dnt want to wait 4 months, i want to bust some ghosts, cuz busting makes me feel good.
  5. lol, Hannah Montana! Still loving the game,so time consuming tho!
  6. The achievements are very good if you ask me, take some time doing but there worthwhile, and im finding the game fantastic
  7. I'm loving the game, its HUGE, the Grfx are ok, so there not brill but for the size of the game there good. Lots to do, keeps you entertained. Who agrees? An no haters plz, just want to see how many ppl ACTUALLY like it.
  8. I have Rotten eggs, Brown an white eggs, im after a golden egg if anyone can help? Will give ya what ya need in return, got lots of the rotten ones. Add me: Shiftykris
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