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  1. Huh? What's this about a break? They just got several bosses working along with a few other features, saw a tweet not too long ago about it. I figured it was still in full steam ahead mode. I haven't tried it in about a year though

  2. Damn, haven't been here in a few years.


    Anyway, if you haven't heard, there's a private server for PSU. It's still under construction and the main person working on it took a break for a good while. Probably forever. *shrugs*



  3. I haven't touched this game since like February. I've kinda been keeping up about what's going on over on the trion forums, but nothing's changed. Content is non-existent as ever. They announced their next content. Something about an aquarium. Since the show has died, there's no more tie-ins to do. You can expect this game to officially die the moment microsoft announces that they won't support the 360 anymore.
  4. I'd say start with Fallout 4 and read up on the other games. The Gamebryo engine makes me want to throw a baby out of a skyscraper. I'll never play Fallout 3 or NV again because of that horrible engine. A few years ago when I got Fallout 3 I was hooked on it. I spent over 2000 hours on it. When New Vegas came out I was all over that, too. Then I built my gaming PC a few years later and modded the hell out of New Vegas until it was basically a new game at that point, but the Gamebryo engine put a stop to my fun with its bugs.
  5. The story is in the grimoire cards. Surprisingly, the destiny app is faster than bungie's site. Anyway, the main threat in the world of Destiny is the darkness, which is the Hive. The Hive took the moon and made it their base. With that threat known, the Last City assembled the greatest team of Guardians to take out Crota, but failed, and Eris was the only one to come back after having her light taken by Crota. So what do a bunch of pissed off Guardians have better to do? They took out Crota and now his dad is pissed and he's coming for you, nigga! My only complaint here is that TTK is too expensive for a DLC, especially if the base game is the same price and has more content.
  6. What are you talking about? Graphics do affect frame rate. Believe me, I have over 150 mods in my Skyrim and a few of them take up a lot of memory, whichs drops my frame rate.
  7. Oh snap I lied! I was on the final page of placing my order on amazon and it told me they were sold out. These people are fucking greedy! Best Buy still has them so I got mine from there. Best Buy is now sold out. I haven't seen this shit sell out so fast since the collector's edition of Oblivion.
  8. All the scrubs shop at gamestop. Try amazon. Just got mine from there.
  9. So you want the game to be brown and depressing like it was in Fallout 3?
  10. There will be a mod to fix this, as with all non-killable NPCs. It's that simple.
  11. The best thing to do is to ask yourself how it would be done in Skyrim. There's strong evidence of skills not being in the game and everything being based off perks like in Skyrim. If you see the little eye on the center of the screen start to open, you better go hide in a dark spot! /derpface
  12. I can't believe they're making another collector's edition of the game. I've never heard of that shit before.
  13. I didn't know bethesda was giving away fallout 3 with fallout 4. It doesn't mean bethesda will fix the bugs in the game. I'll be shitting bricks if they do because it'll be the first time I've ever heard of a dev going back to a title they released years ago to fix bugs and glitches. I'll check out TTW some time. I've gotten back into skyrim a couple days ago and I'm having a lot of fun with it.
  14. Oh here we go. You trying to start shit and label me a fanboy. Way to kill the mood around here.
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