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  1. Current Listings: ~ Killer is Dead [Limited Edition] (Xbox 360)
  2. Haven't been able to find any info on this... The current premier tower is "The Worst of the Worst." Although I have already unlocked the achievement for beating 50 living towers, I enjoy beating the premier towers since they give you a combat card for your profile. Earlier this week, I was playing through the premier tower previously mentioned and was getting frustrated near the end because the match-ups were ridiculous (I had to play as Goro against Reptile, really?!). Anyways, I was on the last fight and because I just wanted to get it over with, I used a skip token and after getting my results, I noticed that no combat card was unlocked. I assumed the problem was that I had used the skip token on the last fight so I re-did the entire tower. However, this time I used a skip token on the second to last fight since it was another horrible match-up (Shinnok against a sai throwing Mileena). I beat the last fight normally but it still did not unlock a combat card. At this point, I went into the Kombat History tab to look and see if there was even a card for this specific tower and couldn't find one. My questions are these; (1) does using a skip token, at any point in the tower, nullify completion of it, and (2) is there even a combat card to unlock on this specific premier tower (for those of you who have beaten it fair and square)?
  3. I was wondering this myself. Perhaps you can unlock it if you reach the gold goal mark? I'm only saying this as I only reached the silver goal when I went through it since I was doing faction kills which didn't give me enough points.
  4. I ran into a problem last night while boosting the respect points for KOTH. After the boosting session, I was around 490 respect points but at that point a troll came into the room and we all left to make a new one. Once I joined the new room, I noticed that my respect point count had somehow been reset to 0 while the other players' points remained the same. At first I wasn't too worried as I assumed it to be a temporary glitch but then I checked my progress on the achievement app and it hadn't budged at all! I don't know what could have happened or what I did wrong but any help would be appreciated. We were playing Survivor KOTH if that makes any difference.
  5. I'll be online in about 20 minutes from the time I post this and will be online for a couple hours so if anyone is willing to work on the King of the Hill achievements and respect points, let me know. GT: RevolverOcl2
  6. And I highly doubt you browsed the ENTIRETY of the internet!

  7. WHAT THE HELL?! You're NEVER on this site. But yeah, I saw that on the front page this morning but that doesn't mean I am getting it. NO WAY, man!

  8. Dude, I'm in class right now but am really bored and after browsing the entire internet, I'm forced to come to this site! Anyways, did you hear that Minecraft for the 360 is getting 30 new achievements? They're the same ones that came with the Xbox One version but not the game has a full 1000GS!!! That means that we can play it!

  9. If you're suffering from withdrawal then get the game for the 360 and start over. That's what I did and will do the same for the PS3.
  10. I'm not sure that I understand the problem here but do you mean to say that the door is locked? You keep saying that it's unlocked so I don't see how that might be an issue. Regardless, if it's not working then just start a new game and just go directly to pick up the shotgun after obtaining the Sword Key. Don't even bother picking up the broken shotgun since the point is to get the ceiling to start closing in on you and if you place the broken shotgun on the lever nothing will happen and you won't trigger the cutscene that earns you the achievement. I say this because I don't care about RE.Net progress so you might not want to do it if it matters that much to you. As a matter of fact, you don't even have to save the game after getting the achievement. When I got it, I simply quit the game after it unlocked and continued my other save file.
  11. Please excuse my ignorance but it seems that nobody has asked the following with regards the knife-only run: 1. Is it absolutely necessary to do the knife-only run with Chris? I ask this because I really don't want to fight Plant 42 which means I would have to use Jill and kill it with the V-Jolt. I understand that she has less health than Chris but given how there's an overabundance of health items, it'd be possible. 2. Do I have to start the game through the normal start screen or can it be done through the "Once Again..." option? This is because I'm no sure if starting out the game with the unlimited rocket launcher in hand automatically negates the achievement. Also, would it be fair to assume that the reason why it's recommended to do this run with Chris is because he starts off with only the knife? This eludes back to which option to choose when beginning the playthrough. Thank you.
  12. I'm guessing that you must also think that anyone who went to the midnight launch is a raging homosexual?
  13. I think that the problem is that you're only using one chest. Try joining two chests into one and filling up the first 4 rows. The achievement should pop before you do so. It happened to me as well so I'm guessing it'll work for you too.
  14. Alright man awesome, glad you got it done!

  15. No problem, man! Actually, I posted on the boosting thread for the game and got a couple of people to help out. I've completed everything I needed. Thanks for replying!

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