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  1. Not had these problems, but amazed they have added in even more race options within multiplayer. Issue with previous games was that you couldn't get into the hardcore games because everyone was in Sprint. Now even people that just want to play traditional Sprint have to choose between 4-5 game lobbies and hope people are in one of them. Would much rather select random and just have it place me into the lobby with the most players
  2. Im the same. Not sure how/if you can wing up with people on this
  3. Thanks for this info. I will contact them. I suggest everyone does the same, with enough reports they will hopefully look into it. I also tweeted the game developer, got no response.
  4. picked this game up as part of DoTW. It's very good. However I've encountered a glitch whereby my game progress isn't being properly saved. Next time I go back to it I have to repeat 10+ levels. First time I noticed it id just paused the game, then started a new game. Last night I made sure to quit and exit to the main menu. However I'd still lost about 8-10 levels when I next went back to it. It's annoying as it's even going back to previous scenarios when I load it Any known workaround?
  5. Content is out now on XBL: £7.99 A good price EDIT: Just tried to play and seems a 428MB patch has arrived for it
  6. I want to buy this game for co-op with mates this weekend, however some of the reviews I am reading say the game suffers from framerate drops and screen tearing. Wondered if any patches have rectified this and if not, whether either issue is problematic enough to actually prevent us playing the game properly Cheers!
  7. I had continued issues and none of the workarounds worked until I moved the install to my external drive. Now it works
  8. If you purchased it digitally then I'm pretty sure the patch is installed as part of the download process i.e. you won't notice or get prompted for it.
  9. I've found a couple of sites saying that this is going to be released in PAL regions but cannot find the game on any of the usual sites (shopto, Amazon etc). There appears to be a PS3 version on each of those sites, however. Otherwise does anyone know if this will be released as part of Games on Demand on the 360 dashboard? Thanks!
  10. I was considering Premium membership but wondering if anyone can tell me whether there are many games of Conquest, Conquest Large, Domination or Rush on the DLC maps? Ive tried using the server browser but lately it's only shown 1 game (of 64 player) with another server that's half-full, any everything else empty. But I'm unsure whether this is representative or not since the issues (I think) have been patched. Cheers!
  11. Same here. Now have the lengthy process of sending the copy back to them for a refund.... great
  12. despite making my pre order almost a year ago, mine still hasnt arrived. Royal Mail are doing deliveries up until 4pm, they could be separate from the main postie delivery too.
  13. There was an excellent site I used for the pigeons in GTA4 - it showed the exact point on the map, then had an in-game shot of where it was. Made it a lot easier. I will go with a strategy guide if it is that detailed though?
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