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  1. Did you view the "Remember us" video that unlocks after finishing all missions? I had to view it in order to get the achievement.
  2. Just shoot at a robot enemy whithout aiming down. Take the shots apart from eachother and not by holding the trigger. I've achieved this during the mission where you have to get the helicopters. It should be possible to get this on others levels as wel.
  3. I really enjoyed this game although it was easy and short. The price might be a bit high, but hey, retail games cost a lot more and there are a lot games nowadays which only have six hours of gameplay and this game around three. Well, the six hour retail games might have a multiplayer mode but not everyone plays (every) multiplayer.
  4. Nice find Jake. This will save us a lot of time. The lambent humans only show up in 'Aftermath.'
  5. I was hoping to have some more freedom in building these houses. The thing I was also hoping for was to adopt children of different species like Argonians, Elves & Khajiit instead of only human kids. Still I like the DLC but it would be more fun if it came out much earlier. Now most people just want to get the achievements and get back to an other game.
  6. I need one more player for the "Kill Locust (like a boss)" achievement at the moment. GT = TranceX89. edit: Allready full!
  7. according to this guide you have to be at least level 50. It also has a (useful?) tip: I´m currently at level 58 so I guess I´m going to try skipping between the cities/villages. I´ve encountered some dragon attacks in Solitude, Dawnstar, Morthal and Winterhold so these might be the best to skip between.
  8. Just talk to a guard in any city. He will say something about the Dawnguard recruiting people and then the quest will be triggered.
  9. This is not a random funny thing that happened but anyway, I destroyerd the Dark Brotherhood on a second playthrough instead of joining them. After that the guards randomly say: "I could have gone into that dungeon myself. Killing all these Dark Brotherhood types. But I was, eehhr, sick that day!" I think this is one of the funniest guard quotes in Skyrim.
  10. I found a butterfly in a jar and I was happy enough about that. I thought it could be for some quest but if this was true then there had to be an automatic quest update. I put it in my house and never bothered about it after that. This is quite interesting but I admit the person who thought of this theory has to much free time.
  11. One handed, Two handed and archery can be done fairly easy if you have the Shadowmere which you obtain during the Dark Brotherhood quests. The Shadowmere has a lot of health and regenerates health very fast. Use plain iron weapons so you don´t do much damage and you don´t have to worry about killing it. It won´t fight back and you will still be able to ride it.
  12. I joined the Stormcloaks during my first playthrough but I will definetly do a second playthrough and join the Imperials. Also, I think this would be a good troll in Skyrim: 1. Join the Dark Brotherhood 2. Kill the empire 3. Join the Imperials 4. Defeat the Stormcloaks 5. ??? 6. Profit! Problem Imperials?
  13. Lydia is your personal houscarl of Whiterun, who is assigned to you,because you are titled "Thane of Whiterun." So it´s obvious she will always return to Whiterun. Only marriage is a way to get her moveing to an other city. The problem is that the marriage option is glitched for Lydia I thought.
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