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  1. I have a similar situation, but my laptop has only ever been Win10, opening this game is shows that I've completed the 3 achievements, none of the new ones.
  2. The list should be updated to show that ACP isn't free anymore
  3. I just got to the top of my "Online Leaderboard" (with a score of around 500k) and got neither cheevie, so I think they're a little bit bugged I don't know if you have to do something special to get them, but just started the game on Win8 & WP, scored around the same for both devices (getting killed on the 2nd boss), but haven't got any cheevies on either...
  4. Only one achievement I'm missing on the Alphajax one and that's it - anyone willing to boost it with me? Eric, if you still need it, start a game with me and I'll boost for you and maybe you can return the favour :-)
  5. It's on sale in the UK for £1.29, I'm picking it up now for my Win8 tablet
  6. OK, this has got a LOT worse... the events that fire achievements now cause the game to crash back to the start screen - according to the game I'm missing 5 cheevies, but according to my Xbox profile there are 10 to unlock... it looks like I'll have to uninstall and re-install to try again (once I've got as far as I can) This game is addictive in a certain way, but HELLISHLY frustrating if you want the achievements!
  7. I don't know if anyone else has had this issue, but according to the game I have 5 achievements unlocked (The Golden Touch, Delicious Dishes, Power Grind, Caught in the Crossfire & Here Comes the Neighborhood), but according to xbox.com I have 4 unlocked (Destroyer of Cities, Delicious Dishes, Historically Accurate & Here Comes the Neighborhood) - note the completely different achievements unlocking!!! Has anyone else had this rather insane problem?
  8. I have been playing this game on a 7" tablet and in my original run I had got into the 40s before I let the power run out (by accident) while I was playing, and rather than re-opening the game on the same level it reset me to level 1, having no purchases My next run set I got into the 40s again and was working towards 2 of my remaining achievements... Today I had the tablet plugged in while playing, but it ran out of power (you apparently don't get the warning if it's charging), and after re-charging a bit it reverted to level 1 AGAIN So, as a warning for Windows 8.1 tablet users, if you're playing this game, pay VERY close attention to the power level, unless you're happy to reset and start agin!
  9. I've played this game a LOT since getting a WP8.1 device, and while I like the game this one achievement is REALLY frustrating me I got 121 relatively easily, and can get find 1221 arrangements, but my counter is still at 0/20 - I've tried just flagging the mines, flagging the mines & clearing either side, and clearing just the spaces, but nothing seems to work Anybody got any advice on how to get the 1221 to count? EDIT: OK, after lots of searching the Interwebs I found a link with better instructions - what you need to do is find 1221 on the same line after chording, it CANNOT have either end below the 1s already open, so the best places are on a straight line with stuff going outwards (the image in the achievement guide is wrong, and that's what I had be aiming for) Once you find one of those, uncover the bits beside the 1s and leave the bombs alone, no need to flag them - When you have a board with them, uncover the bits beside the 1s, then immediately blow up one of the mines and do it again, and again... although the app has dropped out a few times after pressing "Play same board", so I've spent time finding boards with the right situation Almost there, I'll have 20 in the morning!!!
  10. Mine dropped to 0% yesterday, but I've collected 2 more since and it's displaying only a few percentage now, not back up to the percentage it should be *sigh*
  11. I ran into a different issue with Blogger - I'm about 75% through the game, had all about about 3-4 of the logs and the percentage reverted to 0%, even though the game still listed them in the pause menu I'll give the "Load last checkpoint" thing a try and see what happens...
  12. I know it's been a while since you said this (nearly 2 years), but as I've just picked up this game I thought I'd do one... I'll post the WIP once I've picked up a few more achievements on it (mostly to find out what earning Silver requires)
  13. Try Real Soccer (or Football, depending on where you are), the controls are DREADFUL, and make this game look like GotY! Yes, the controls are fiddly, and the 3D isn't great so you can't see where you're meant to go to, but most sections can be passed with about 20 mins of re-trying - the controls also decide to run you slightly off-straight, so you end up jumping to your death quite often, but if you miss a jump it's easier to restart from the checkpoint that to try to run around I finished the game over the weekend, after putting it down for several months, and as long as you're persistent then you can get through it - it's just a pity that MS don't allow bluetooth controllers, because they'd make playing games a million times easier!
  14. I need to boost the 3+ player cheevies: Good Samaritan, Sole Survivor, Master Blaster & I'm all that! Any chance of getting a party for these, on weekends if possible BTW, I'm in the UK, so need it available times for me (10am onwards BST)
  15. will be looking to boost the Live achievements GT: THE Mr Fill
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