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  1. For fear no man you can't challenge a club to get the achievement you have to quick search. Otherwise they don't count.
  2. Ok just to be extra clear on the eashl legend achievement. At minimum 4 players 3 v 1. You don't have to join a eashl to earn progress. You can go to Xbox live - community - lobby - online team play and create a lobby. 3 person tea. Scores and 1 person team quits after 18:59 is read on the clock. Everyone gets all A's.
  3. Here is a link to all the teams HUT cards in NHL 13 http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/9033802.page At this point I am 5 cards away from a set I would be willing to give up to pass it around. The players needed are as follows from the NHL team Anaheim Ducks Getzlaf Perry Ryan Guenin Hiller. None of these players are on the trade block so check your cards. Send me a message here or on LIVE
  4. Some of my achievements have unlocked in game but won't sync to my profile. Ever heard of this issue or a fix for it?
  5. Anyone still want to boost this? Would it be easier now?
  6. it might be because people are still in shock about rabbids go phone
  7. I am aware of that. I was just showing blocks breaking that really shouldn't be breaking. I did finally pass this level today. I also came across a trick. You can drop blocks down the hole and not have it count as a block being used, as long as it doesn't touch another block. I'll post a screen shot later of what it looked like.
  8. this game just keeps getting worse. I've tried asking them over at Twitter. @Rouge_Rocket is the twitter account for this game. No answers to any of my questions or gripes with this game, and they expect to earn money with this Has anyone encountered this problem. I have a life from a friend. I click on the message icon and check the gift when I tap accept it just unchecks the box.
  9. my personal favorite is when you place a block on one side of the screen and it breaks blocks that it's not even touching.
  10. without boosts I don't see how this level is possible to finish without cement or scaffolding. Has anyone here done it? http://i187.photobucket.com/albums/x144/someguy6000/temporary_zps598496fb.png my personal favorite, even when the blocks are touching the crown it still doesn't recognize it's touching. http://i187.photobucket.com/albums/x144/someguy6000/temporary_zps580bfaa0.png
  11. why the fuck would they update the game to be harder? oh that's right they want you to pay for in game content.
  12. once you use all of your lives you get a prompt to ask your friends. However, there are reports that it isn't working
  13. I noticed that it has a different animation when you beat a level. The challenge levels that unlock other levels actually started with the number 1 instead of being random problem is, for the second day in a row it made me repeat progress. So yet again I have to wait 24 hours to play what should be my 3rd challenge to unlock the next set of levels. Today was the 4th challenge I completed but the game thinks I have only done 2 of them. Also I got my 3 uses of cement back but still don't know if you can earn more without buying more.
  14. I suppose we could report the app. I had the challenge reset on me today so now I'll have yo wait another day for more levels. Also I read that there are only 63 levels in the game, but I have cone across several levels where 3 stars isn't likely unless you use a boost
  15. I didn't see the level. 10 exploit until after I had finished it. So is it possible to get more without uninstalling and without paying. Do you earn more through normal gameplay?
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