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  1. Stuntman.... what a horrid horrid achievement, every Forza game has one....
  2. No problem, I'll do it now, thank you
  3. Need someone to buy my tune up for the achievement please, gamertag is Silentless (if that wasn't obvious ) I have two, for those with the Porsche Pack I have cleared up the understeer with the 911T
  4. Thanks for the help guys, got it done and nearly done all the events now, just a few of the World Championships to go!
  5. Thank you for this information, once I obtain all the Ferrari's (Which I am very close too) then I will buy it, even though it's only an S class car I'm sure some upgrades for the event will be allowed at least and yeah I agree it is a stupid event, or at least making the Evo an unicorn car was.
  6. What cars can be used in this event that can win it? Without them being the unicorn cars (HKS Evo, Top Secret Supra) This is the only event I am having problems with in the game as I do not know, or own any of the cars that can realistically complete the event. Any help or even if someone could add me to their club that has the car so I can borrow it for the event would be more than helpful.
  7. Hey guys need a little bit of help here with the even "Tuners of Japan Speedway Event" I do not posses a car that can be tuned to the standard of winning the event without going over the regulations for that event, if anyone could let me borrow a car capable of winning the event I will be grateful, whether that be a car borrowed through gifting or by putting me into a club I am not fussed, any help would be great!
  8. I need someone to do the achievements with, time zone will have to preferably be the UK however I am fairly flexible, will be available from monday to do these. Gamertag is Silentless
  9. I'll be getting quite a few of these cars it seems, might be missing one or two but that's about it
  10. Most likely, I know there are a few good designers lurking about on these forums so I thought I'd get a good response here, but i'll go over to the official ones as well soon, thanks
  11. Okay so I decided to turn my Reventon into an R3 race car, only problem is that now I need a good design on it to make it look the part, I'm not good at this whole designing thing and the designs that are out there for it are not to my liking. So the challenge is to create a design for it that looks good and as if it was part of the ALMS or LMS GT series. Good luck ;D.
  12. I have to admit this game suprised me a bit, I wasn't expecting much from it so I picked it up pre-owned on the cheap because I wanted a rally game to muck about on, and it's suprised me how good it actually is, there might not be that many cars but in my opinion that doesn't really matter, the graphics are far from good, but the overall feel of the game I find is extremely good, and a very good attempt, if they make another one I hope they improve the graphics, but other than that I don't think it needs much changing.
  13. Cash is tight for me at the moment haha i'll probably get it eventually when everything clears up
  14. 400ms points for 2 tracks? seriously not worth it.
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